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CodyCross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 1
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Gelatinous Case Over A Dose Of Medicine
Calumny, Defamation
Fruit With A Yellow Skin, Resembles A Small Peach
Country On West African Coast, Capital Monrovia
Horns On Animals In The Deer Family
Australian Brothers, Disco Kings
An Overpowering Emotion Or Exaltation
Temporary Dark Patch On The Sun
Due __, Fair Treatment, Constitutional Right
Egyptian River Goddess Of Protection To Childbirth
Presentation Using Streaming Media
Steel Bar, Bent At One End, Used As A Lever
To Ditch Circus Posters Instead Of Putting Them Up
Moving Furtively
Used To Make Canoes Or Kayaks Move
Plastic Disk For Tossing Between Players
Divide And __
__ Veins Are Located On Either Side Of Your Neck

CodyCross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 2
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Originally Established As New Amsterdam
Famous Channel Separates Uk And France
A List Of Items To Be Added To Written Works
A Doctor Who Performs Operations
Top Part Of The Skull That Protects The Brain
The Last Car Of A Train
Advanced Robot, Self Aware, Data From Star Trek
Political Tv Show About A Crisis Management
Popular Folk Wrestling, Laamb, From This Country
natalie __, Played Padme Amidala In Star Wars
Act Of Creating A Picture With A Pencil Or Pen
Square Pasta Looks Like Small Lasagna
Pilot Of An Airplane
A Sentence Which Uses Every Letter In The Alphabet
Large Eye-covering Item To Protect The Eyes

CodyCross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 3
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Silent Film, 1 Of Gaynor’s 3 Oscar Performances
Legendary Sea Monster Big As A Ship With Tentacles
__ And Butt-head Are 90’s Icons From Mtv
Large White Dog Breed Native To Turkey
You Can Find These In Catacombs
Hyperactive Is A __ Level Of Activity Than Usual
Venom Is A Poison From An __, Like A Snake
Creamy Beverage, Christmas’ Favorite
Appearance To The Eye Or Mind; Regard
James __, Actor, Producer, Father Of Josh
Jimmy __, Actor, The Tonight Show Host
Happening Every Seven Days

CodyCross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 4
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Hand-held Tools Used For Cooking Or Eating Food
A Film Genre And Also A Michael Jackson’s Song
Renoir Painted By The __
The Capital Of Seychelles
A Lion May Come To Be __ To A Mouse
A Truck Driver
Once Believed To Guard Against Infection
Gem Associated With The Planet Saturn
Unpleasant Period
Bee Glue Or Hive Dross
Device Used By Police To Restrain People
Italian Fashion House With Love __ Brand
Coastal City Destroyed By The Mamluks In 1270
Grouping Card Game That Has Board
Tooth That Fails To Erupt In A Certain Time
Poem In Which Vertical Intersects Horizontal
American Machine-gun Used On The Western Front
Exhaust __, Collects Gas From Car Engine
Official Currency Of China
Oliver “daddy” __, Annie’s Adopted Father
Greek Muse Of Epic Poetry
Brazilian With Big Moustache, Bending Free Kicks
Circus __ Is Caused By Ammonia Fumes
Study Of Religion
Emil __, First Man To Win An Oscar For Best Actor

CodyCross Sports Group 141 Puzzle 5
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To Smudge, Kiss Or Smear
Life Insurance Fund Closed To New Business
Lost At Sea
Something That Makes You Better
Puddingwife __ Is An Atlantic Ocean Fish
Third Largest Ocean, “the Mine Of Gems”
Iron Age Double-edged Sword Of Ancient Greeks
Honorific Arabic Title Means Elder
A __ Tree Is A Japanese Art Form
Territory Containing People Under A Government
Cooking Using Both Moist And Dry Heat
Heavy __, A Serious Player; Boxer Who Hits Hard
The Lone Ranger Starred __ Depp As Tonto
Cabinet Found At Offices For Storing Documents
Frederic __ Only Wore A Beard On His Right Side
Lot Of Money, Even For A King