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CodyCross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 1
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A Skilled Performer Of Gymnastic Feats
Used By Policemen And Referees To Get Attention
Without Regard To The Law
United States Of __
A Lot, Generous Amounts, High Quantity
Organs Responsible For Cleaning The Blood
Mary __, Movie About A Magical Nanny
Stupidly, Worthlessly
Crustaceans In The Ocean, Similar To Pillbugs
__ Dickens, Author Of David Copperfield
Tiny Bits Of Chocolate To Sprinkle Over Ice-cream
Hope __ Eternal
A Prison __ Is Sought After By Law Enforcement

CodyCross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 2
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Flat Feet Have An __ Of An Arch In The Sole
Photo Of The Food You Are Eating
Added Or Mingled With Something Else
1980s Primetime Soap Opera
Servant Of God, Shortest Book Of Bible
Common Clouds That Appear To Be Fluffy
Farrelly Brothers 90s Bowling Comedy
Famous Baseball Bat From Louisville
Someone Who Takes By Choice Into A Relationship
Keaton’s Comeback, 2015 Best Picture
Operating System Developed By Google
First Act Of Offense, To Attack First

CodyCross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 3
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Out On The Water
To Prepare Food So As To Avoid Decomposition
Shot When The 7 And 10 Pins Are Split In Bowling
Ryan Reynolds’ 2016 Superhero Movie
Capital Of Turkmenistan
Archer Character’s First Name
Slang Term For Cheater Drug Anabolic Steroids
Optical Bruising From Blunt Force To Face
nothing __ Nothing Gained
Woody Herb Often Used On Chicken
__ Of Arabia, Won The Academy Awards In 1963
Literary Figure, Repeated In Reverse Order
norwegian Rodents
Type Of Radiation, Made The Incredible Hulk
name Of Cloth Placed Behind Primary Mast
The Pangs You Have When You Are Ravenous
Tightrope Walking At Greater Height, Over 20 Feet

CodyCross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 4
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Small African Country, Capital Kigali
__ Jean, Not Jackson’s Lover
In The Past, Informal Gathering For Men
To Gain Possession Of Something
Aerialists’ Swing Bar Without A Flat Seat
College Diploma; Fahrenheit, Celsius
__ Brody, Won An Academy Award At Age 29
Pack & Stack. __ Game For Three To Six Players
Trickster Spider From African Folklore
A Small Part Or Feature Of Something
Transparent Tape With Multiple Uses
Loosely Fit Dress Worn A Lot In Hawaii
Large Piece Of Land Filled With Trees
Cross Between A Zebra And A Donkey
Insane Or Demented
Spirits Of Nature Depicted As Beautiful Maidens
Slang Term For Marijuana User
Lady’s Sweet Appendage
To Do Dangerous Movements In Surfing Or Skiing

CodyCross Sports Group 142 Puzzle 5
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Pulp __, Film Directed By Quentin Tarantino
not Preserved By Salting, Drying, Or Smoking
Bonded By Molecular Force Where Contacted
The __, Biographical Movie About A Polish Musician
__ Craft. Boat Designed For Amphibious Battles
Snow Shaped To Resemble A Human Figure
One Of The Albums Recorded By The Doors
A Type Of Big Cat, It Purrs But Does Not Roar
Eating Disorder With Binge Eating And Purging
Platform On The Side Of A Building
Fomo, Fear Of __ Out, Marketing Tool
Any Article Of Clothing
Original Host Of The Newlywed Game, Bob __
To Give Approval To Do Something
French Rococo Painter Of Gilles
__ & Shirley, Garry Marshall Sitcom
Gland At Base Of The Neck That Makes Hormones
Land Along The Sea Or Ocean