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CodyCross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 1
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Largest Rainforest In The World
nemo’s Dad In Finding Nemo
Earliest-known Pyramid
north Korean Supreme Leader In 2016, Kim __
The Son Of A Sovereign Or King
Protective Covering For The Head
Unable To Understand Written Words; Not Aphasia
Mechanism That Shows Data Measurement
Quirk, Whim
To Set A Ship Afloat; To Release A Rocket
Grapefruit Soft Drink Means “fresh” In Spanish
To Follow Or Chase After
Family Of Singers, Donnie And Marie
Daughters Of A Brother Or Sister
God Of Fire; Member Of A Star Trek Fictional Race
Genre Designed To Make You Laugh
number After Twenty-nine

CodyCross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 2
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Official Language Of Bulgaria
Pita-like Bread Used In Sandwiches
Study Of Inheritance Of Acquired Characteristics
Space When You Enter A House, Especially A Parlor
James __, The Deep Voice Of Darth Vader
__ Is Two Teeth Pressing Together; Very Painful
Greek Island Known For Its White Coastal Houses
Original Copy Of A Product
Shaped Hash Browns; Favorite Among Kids
Person Who Moves Scenery And Props
__, Heal Thyself
Someone Who Tends To Animals In A Wildlife Park
Side Drum Gives Staccato Sound

CodyCross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 3
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A Fairly Long Break Between Two Scheduled Flights
The Fox And __, 1981 Disney Film
A System Of Exercises Strenuously Performed
Type Of Planet That Jupiter And Saturn Are
__ United Legalized Corporate Personhood
Margaret __, Former British Prime Minister
A Sweet Spice Used For Cooking Or Baking
The Gaming Industry Is Worth __ Of Dollars
Subliminal Image In Queen’s Hair On Old Stamps
Olivia Newton-john’s Song To Get You Off The Couch
nonsense Word From The Owl And The Pussycat
Serious Form Of Food Poisoning
Sea Mammals

CodyCross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 4
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Courteously Helpful
A Break In The Middle Of A Game
notorious San Francisco Bay’s Prison
In Golf, This Indicates A Player’s Ability
__ Turtle, Looks Part Alligator, Strong Mandible
Leonardo Da Vinci Is Erroneously Credited For This
A Cat’s Eye __ Repels Evil And Clears Obstacles
Obstructive Action To Hinder A Nation’s War Effort
__ Girl, Large, Contemporary Dolls
Small Spoon. Cooking Measure.
“i Am” Shortest __ Sentence In English
Italian Luxury Car Brand From Bologna

CodyCross Sports Group 143 Puzzle 5
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To Confirm, Ratify Or State Positively
French Sauce With Chopped Tomatoes And Lemon Juice
Related Through Male Descendant
Quantity Of Articles Available For Sale
Monetary Gain After Business Expenses
Magician Of The Arthurian Legend
Lighweight Bowl Made Of Interwoven Materials
Walking Upwards, Usually Outdoors
Mechanism To Represent Variable Data Continuously
Tesla __, Car And Energy Company
Act Of Flying, Trip On An Airplane
Someone Who Wins, Champion
Bill Of __ Includes The First Ten Ammendments