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CodyCross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 1
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Power To Move Quickly, Easily, Nimbly
Father Of Your Father
City Where The Nba Was Founded In 1946
Applaud, Salute With Sounds Of Joy, Approval
80s Party Drug Used By Sherlock Holmes
Endorphin Is A __ Produced To Counteract Pain
Involving Physical Force To Cause Harm
Blake Sheldon Ex, Miranda __
Fake Treatment For A Medical Issue
Anthony __ Has Been In Seven Star Wars Films
Childbirth Medical Specialist; Support Provider
Affect Someone’s Mind Strongly, Influence
Statue Of __; Us Pride; Present From France
The Golden Age Was Never The __ Age
Inflated Style Of Little Meaning, Claptrap
Person Who Rides A Bicycle Professionally
Distress Caused By The Mind; Fear Of Danger
Stupid, Careless Mistake
Lord Of The Rings, Frodo __

CodyCross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 2
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A Bird Flies, A Horse Runs, A Snake __
2016 Murder Rate Leader; Central American Country
Immune System’s Weapon To Neutralize Pathogens
Electrical System Used To Start A Car’s Engine
The Bearing Of An Object In Relation To The North
Long Flat-bottomed Sled Used For Sliding On Ice
Surf Fishing Is __ Fish From The Shore Line
Maya Nut, Used For Reforestation Programs
Original Batman Actor
Job Board Social Media Site; Endorsements Allowed
In 1990’s Captain Skyhawk, You Repel An Alien __
Thin, Hard Outer Layer Of A Breakfast Food

CodyCross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 3
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Indian Buddhist Cave Temple With Wall Paintings
__ Bears, Owners Consider These Collectibles
The Sword In The Stone Is About King __
Fascist Roman Catholic Wartime Militia In Croatia
Small Thin Object Used To Sew Items Together
Marine Food Delicacy; Two-shelled Mollusk
Bible Book Of Phrases That Means “praises”
To Enfeeble Is To Make Feeble Or __
Defunct Nyc Women’s Fashion Store, __ Teller
Moses Separated This To Free His People
__ Of The Jedi Has The First Ewoks In Star Wars
__ Onion, Wedding Soup In European Countries
The Dog Star
In Shrek The Third, Shrek Rules Over __ Away
__ Biles, Us Gymnast, Olympic Darling
Gigantic Grey Wolf From Inuit Mythology
Musketeer Who Was Brought Up In A Monastery
The Sun’s Daily Goodbye

CodyCross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 4
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Jinns Are __ That Are Good And Bad
Entity Formed Into An Association By Law
Transparent Plastic For Wrapping Food
Mystical Card That Tells The Future
Taste __ Add Flavour To Food
Bored Of __, 1936 Short Comedy Film
Acaryas, Guru Of The World
A Bezoar Is A Clump Of __ Hair Or Food
Comic Focused On Great Dane
Al Capone’s Business Card Claimed He Sold __
Bag With Long Straps, Worn Across The Chest
Diocese Or Episcopal See, Supervised By A Bishop

CodyCross Sports Group 144 Puzzle 5
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Thin Spoon For Summertime Drink Aka Soda Spoon
The Whole Is __ Than The Sum Of The Parts
One Of First Battles To Start Revolutionary War
Province In The Philippines; Female Name
__ Swaray, Female British Singer, Sang American Boy
Using A Bow And Arrow As A Sport
Alfre __, Actress Of Desperate Housewives
A Bunch Of Flowers; Usually Given As A Gift
The Electric Chair Was Invented By One
Utmost Change, Farthest From Center, Outermost
Prestigious American University In Massachusetts
Clear Mineral That Looks Like Glass Or Ice
Ellen __, Actress Of The Exorcist
Larger Computer System, Sits On A Desk
Where The Majority Of The Plays Occur In Baseball
Epistaxis Is The __ Term For A Nosebleed
Small, Soft Skin Growths
Overcharging Consumers, Aka Swindle