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CodyCross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 1
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naval Enlistee, Someone Who Sails For A Living
Way Something Is Viewed, Interpreted, Regarded
Aardwolf Is A Crime Lord On Madripoor __
American Indian Dwelling, Round, Lodge
Madagascar: __ 2 Africa Is A 2008 Film
Two Audio Channels
Profession That Can Be Often Despised Aka Attorney
Sourdough Spongy Flatbread From Eastern Africa
Spear-thrower Used By The Mayans
__ Collie Is A Hard Working, Herding Dog
Birthplace Of The Modern Olympics
Gambling Activity Used By Charities And Events
Panathinaikos Is A Soccer Team From This Country
Pen Makes Large Colored Lines
Diva, Soul, Gospel And R&b Singer __ Franklin
Swimmer Won 28th Medal In Rio 2016

CodyCross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 2
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__ Watch Is From 12.00 To 16.00 Hours
Structures That Form Part Of The Goal
Winter Sport With A Vehicle That Slides Over Ice
northern __’s Mouth Faces Up To Catch Prey
Disagreement; What A Lawyer Would Say
Land By The Side Of A Lake
How High The Land Is Above Sea Level
Parisians Call This Game Vingt Et Un
Term For Combined German Military Forces In Wwii
Jamie __, Actress Started As The “scream Queen”
Brownish, Yellow Aka Amber
Brand Of Warhol’s Soup Cans
One Of Detroit’s Big Three Car Brands
Magic: The __ Is A Video Game Based On A Card Game

CodyCross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 3
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__ Pathi, 2nd Most Important Ayyavzahi Center
narrow Saw, Looks Like A Serrated Violin
Groat Food, Dried Cracked Wheat
Egyptian God, Protector Of The Dead
A Perfect, Ideal World
Genesis Successor Used Cds Instead Of Cartridges
__ Acid, Found In Fruits Like Lemons, Oranges
__ States, A Federal Republic Formed By 50 States
__ Weisz, The Mummy And Constantine Actress
Larger Teeth At The Back Of Your Mouth, Not Wisdom
In Boxing, Fighters Use This To Decrease Distance
Place Where Weapons Are Kept
__ Feather Star Has Thick Feathery Arms
The Frog __, An 1842 German Fairy Tale
First “apprentice” Hired By Donald Trump
Chief __, Police Chief In The Simpsons

CodyCross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 4
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Castoff With Hagar In The Desert
Deadliest Sign Of The Zodiac
Wheel Of __, Tv Game Show; Cookie With A Message
People Who Shoot With A Bow And Arrow
Star Trek: __ Villain Tom Hardy
The Captain Yells This As The Ship Is Going Down
Mini Chocolate Roll, Can Also Be Found In Lollipop
Move At Slow Pace, One Step At A Time
new __, Party Town, Hurricane Katrina Victim
Body Tissue Composed Of Fat Cells

CodyCross Sports Group 145 Puzzle 5
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More Serious Than A Twisted Ankle
In Your Face Advertising To Get You Excited
The __, Mickey Rourke Was Nominated For An Oscar
Aerial Performer Who Uses The Head, Literally
Cooked Land Snails Popular In Western Europe
They Believe In Full-immersion Baptisms
Leslie Nielsen’s Parody Of The Skies
High __ Is 8,000-12,000 Feet Above Sea Level
__ Tax, Tax On Excess Profits On Utilities
Wheeled Object Commonly Used In The Circus
Born In The Country Known For Its Three Pyramids