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CodyCross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 1
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In Codenames, You Try To Find Secret __ Names
__ Cracker, Special Companion To Soup And Chowder
The Act Of One Item Hitting Another
Type Of Rabbit With Long Hair, Wool
Chasm Undersea Next To An Ocean Ridge
Estimate The Value Of Something For Taxes
A Superb Painter Of Horses
A Baby Cat
Musical Frequency; Eight
__ Fitzgerald Wrote The Great Gatsby

CodyCross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 2
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Anagram Of Artists
Supports At The End Of A Row Of Books
Country In The Alps Known For Its Composers
Troops Placed In Proper Order For Battle
People Who Are Dependent On A Substance
Briefness, Short Amount Of Time
Propellant Derived From Fossil Matter
Marjorie Merriweather Post’s Daughter, Dina __
Sugar After Burning
Comic Book Avenger Played By Robert Downey Jr.
Food Commonly Consumed By Movie Goers
__-clean = Spotless, Faultless

CodyCross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 3
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Any Air-polluted Large City
Winter Drink Includes Advocaat And Soda Lemonade
Coagulation Is __ Of The Blood
What Deserves No Thanks When Forced
Do ___ Dream Of Electric Sheep?, By Philip K. Dick
Animated Corpse, Di Caprio Oscar Winning Film
Tasks That Don’t Seem To Have Productive Purpose
Charles __, German-born American Poet
A __ House Is Like A Hotel, You Pay For A Room Is A __ Website That Makes Requests
The __, Doo-wop Band That Moved Around
__ Is Located On The Eastern Coast Of Africa
Teddy Roosevelt’s Long Island Home: __ Hill

CodyCross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 4
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Sport Played On Ice By Two Teams Disputing A Puck
Walkway Along Beaches, Usually Made Of Boards
Acting On The Spur Of The Moment
Cabinet Used To Hold Small Containers Of Spices
Seasoned Beef And Pork Sausage
__ No More, Diverse School In The Heart Of Tel Aviv
The Ones Who Hear No Good Of Themselves
Famous Back And Forth Paddles And Ball Console
Long Dagger Popular During Renaissance
The Sphincter __ Waste From The Body
It Never Comes Back
First Sequel To Win An Oscar For Best Picture
Front Car Light, Main Light
Form Of Address, “my Lord”
Insect Related To The Work Of Franz Kafka
Bob Newhart’s Tv Wife, Suzanne __

CodyCross Sports Group 146 Puzzle 5
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Quickly Changing
Pod Means Print On __
Squeaky Voiced Disney Character
Snow Huts, Snow Houses
Empoverished Area Or Neighborhood
Course Of Planks On A Ship, Hull, Deck, Etc
__ Skiing Aka Downhill Skiing
__ Teeth Usually Come Out From Ages 17 To 20
South __ Suffered With The Politics Of Apartheid
Lisa Collects Malibu __ Dolls In The Simpsons
Pipe __, Installs, Assembles, Maintains Pipes
Healthcare Company
Lizard, Well-known For Being A Pet