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CodyCross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 1
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Lee Harvey __, Kennedy’s Killer Killed Soon After
The Capital Of Canada
Having A Lot Of Money And Items Of Great Worth
The Nickname Of Ifk Norrköping
__ 13, Has Tom Hanks And Ed Harris As Astronauts
Mistress Of The Dark, Horror Comedy
To Restart A Computer
now Rare In U.s., Vitamin C Prevents It
Hell On __ Is About A Transcontinental Railroad
Small Mammal, Long Ears, Easter Pets
President Of Afghanistan In 2016, __ Ghani
Shirt For Team Members Or Team Spirit

CodyCross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 2
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Silicate Minerals Removed From Buildings
Winter Sport In Which A Person Rides A Small Sled
Type Of Beach Tree Known For Its Large Leaves
Fungus Infection On These People’s Feet
Handgun With Cylinder Of Chambers
Distilled, Highly Alcoholic Drink
Girl Hair Style Inspired By A Horse’s Backend
Dutch Exotic Dancer Found To Be A Spy
Gordie Howe’s Nickname
Supporter For A Public Policy
Charmander Is A __ Pokemon
Charivari Is A Noisy Clown __ In Circus
not In-the-know; Lacks Knowledge

CodyCross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 3
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Russia Annexed This Ukranian Peninsula In 2014
Fbi: Federal __ Of Investigation
The Night Of The __, Tennessee Williams’ Play
On A Ship
City Which Debuted Trampolining At The Olympics
“japanese Horseradish” Used By Sushi Lovers
__ Bird Is Always An Ornery Bird In Looney Tunes
Blinded By The Light, __ Up Like A Deuce
This Country Goes First In Summer Olympics Parade
Perhaps Only Saxophonist Who Is Household Name
Balkan Country At War In 1998 And 1999

CodyCross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 4
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Vertical Pipe Used To Drain Rainwater From A Roof
Medulla __, Part Of Hindbrain Controls Vomiting
Qa: Quality __
Covers Feet And Legs; Pantyhose
Luciano __, Operatic Tenor
An Expert In Science
Wooden Clogs To Protect Costumes In Circus
Life Is __, Gave Benigni An Oscar For Best Actor
Withdrawal Of A Group From A Larger Entity
Food Made From Cacao Seeds
Sidelines In Soccer, Longer Than Goal Lines
7th Amendment Gives Trial By Peers Or __
Photo-sharing Website Specially Popular In Fashion
To Hear No Lies, You Shouldn’t Ask Them

CodyCross Sports Group 147 Puzzle 5
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Draft Drawing To Represent Chief Features
Blake __, Actress Married To Ryan Reynolds
Art Form Made By Sculpting Or Casting
Savage Sam Was Disney’s __ To Old Yeller
Stinky Or Pleasant, Scientific Study Of Smell
Projectile Fired From A Gun Or Rifle
All-__ Event Is Four Gymnastic Events
Produce A Change In Something
__ The Pooh Is Still A Loveable Child’s Cartoon
Another Word For Prisoner
Typical Bread From Lunigiana Region In Italy