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CodyCross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 1
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Being At Sea; Circulating About
__ Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare Released Feb 2014
Item That Makes Data Sharable On A Network
Muhammad’s Burial Place, Islam Holy Site
To Injure By Overuse, Misuse Or Excessive Pressure
Tight Female Lingerie Piece
Food, Liquor Served Flaming
Crooked, Curved
Ghost __, Unknown Author Does Grunt Work
Asian Capital Founded By Spaniards
Exchange Messages Through Flags Or Light Flashes

CodyCross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 2
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Holiday To Honor Hard Work, Stop Using White
__ Gladiators Released 1991 For Super Nes
A Tied Fight May Go To The Judges For A __
naturally-occuring Acid; Muscle Supplement
This Game Has Elements Of Baseball And Soccer
Itchy & __, A Cartoon In The Simpsons
Island In Lesser Antilles, Capital Is Bridgetown
Starred In Hitchcock Films, Australian Judith __
Money Present, Can Be Used At Stores, Restaurants
Region In The South Of France, A Den For Painters
Shredder’s Army Of Walkers
This Battle Marked End Of Bonaparte’s Rule
To Misappropriate Funds
Grief Is __ To The Loss Of Someone
Suffix Of Dracula’s Hometown Meaning “trees”
A Large Frog That Makes A Loud, Deep Sound

CodyCross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 3
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Having Modified Or Adjusted Successfully
To Consider Something Unworthy; Despise, Contempt
This Bird Can Run Faster Than A Horse
Maggie May Was This Singer’s Muse
Insect With A Red Back And Black Dots
Anthophobia Is Fear Or __ Caused By Flowers
Eight-sided Ring Where Mma Bouts Happen
Study Of Physical History Of Rocks And Minerals
African Country Rich In Diamonds
Benign Tumor Of A Secretory Gland
nyx, Greek __ Of The Night
To Save Something From Danger, Fire, Water
Skin Dot More Common On Fairer Skin
Everyone Loves This Momma’s Boy Comedian
Preservative Found In Foods Such As Lunch Meat
River __, Brother Of Joaquin, Died 1993
Ken __, Author Of Thrillers And Historical Novels
Moon Of Uranus That Has Extreme Topography
Something That Floats And Stays Above Water

CodyCross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 4
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1984 Game Where You Fight Disembodied Souls
Herb, Winter And Summer, With Purple Flowers
Largest River In The World
To Stab Something
__ The Entertainer, Actor, Comedian
Type Of Word That Gives Us Time To Think
Crossword Compiler
The First Olympics Were Held Here
__ Frogs Are Also Known As The Pac-man Frogs
The Spongebob Movie: __ Out Of Water
Ancient Hindu Celebration, “festival Of Lights”

CodyCross Sports Group 148 Puzzle 5
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Genus Old World Perennial Plant, Edible
A Song By The Velvet Underground
Two-dimensional Pattern Array Using Dots
Ancient Freestyle Sport; Greco Roman
City Where One Can Shop At The Famous Princes St.
Another Word For “spying”
A Frog Is Not A Reptile, But An __
Moveable Plank Bridge On A Ship
Sideshow Bob’s Middle Name In The Simpsons
Discipline Which Explores Celestial Bodies
Murder Mystery Reality Tv Competition
Wright Brothers Testing Grounds
Very Famous Director; Co-founded Dreamworks