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CodyCross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 1
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One Of Batman’s Enemies
Sausage Coated In Cornmeal Batter, On A Stick
Written Piece; Online Or In A Magazine
Olympic Basketball Teams Consist Of These Players
Abiding Strictly To One’s Opinion
Ogres Are __ Monsters, Extremely Large Beasts
What God Hath Joined Together, Let No Man Put __
Fry’s __ Girlfriend Umbriel In Futurama
Chantilly-__ Cats Are Known As The Foreign Longhair
Instincts, An Abdominal Sensation, A Gut __
__ D’angelo, Actress Of Vacation
Flesh Eating Tropical Fish With Sharp Teeth
Animal __, A Division To Classify Natural Objects
Income Payable At Intervals For Life
__ Plame Wilson, Cia Agent Outted By Libbey

CodyCross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 2
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Eggs Mixed Together; Some Add Milk
This Long-haired Terrier Loves To Bark
Address Marks The Beginning Of Presidency
Dog Day __, Movie With Al Pacino As A Bank Robber
With A __ = To The Full, To The Nth Degree
It Makes Strange Bedfellows
Antifungal __ Are Used To Treat Fungus Infections
Darren __, Director Of Black Swan
User Interface, Easy To Read, Manages Computer
__ My Pain With His Fingers
A Very Short Dress
Long-running British Time-travelling Series
Spotless, Immaculate
Guyana’s Largest River Located Between Two Giants
An Unequal Square
Purported To Free The Holy Land From Infidels
Scoundrels Of Skullport Is A 2013 Game __

CodyCross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 3
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One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World; Waterfalls
Provision Of A Contract
Mimi __, Lost In Space Actress
To Exaggerate, To Take Excessive Action
Trent __, Us Singer And Songwriter
Popular Italian Cheese Similar To Parmesan
Image Or Character To Represent You Online
Table __ Is Both For Single And Double Games
__-flap Scorpionfish Has A Reddish-purple Color
Related To The Smallest Unit Of A Chemical Element
Aeromodeling Is __ And Flight Of Model Planes
The Little Mermaid’s Father
Professional Fool At A Medieval Court
__ Rules, Down Under Football Similar To Rugby

CodyCross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 4
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Constables, Lawmen
Mineral In Almost All Toothpastes Sold In U.s.
__ Are Small Golden Color Animals Who Live In Water
__ Rhapsody, Queen Ballad, Wayne’s World Spoof
__ Sprouts And Bacon
Soft Bag Designed To Carry Sporting Equipment
The __ Grimm, 2005 Adventure Fantasy Film
Plastic Or Rubber Item An Infant Sucks On
Lingua Franca In Ancient Mesopotamia
Stolen Pleasures Are __
Paddling In A Canoe-like Boat, Sitting Or Standing

CodyCross Sports Group 149 Puzzle 5
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Graham Crackers, Chocolate Bar And Marshmallow
Dried Grape Also Used In Oatmeal-based Cookie
__ Santos, Right Back Played In 4 Wcs For Brazil
Bon __, Good Luck Expression For Travelers
Maryland’s State Bird, Baltimore’s Mascot
Asteroid Discovered By A German Scientist
Used For Sewing
Bryan Adams’ Celestial Hit
Bela __, Hungarian Actor, The Original Dracula
A Cowboy Of The South American Pampas
Tube That Moves The Urine From Kidney To Bladder