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CodyCross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 1
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To Set Or Give A Value To Something
It Shoots Short Arrows
It Is Called Soccer In The Us
Debuted In 1966; Adventures Of The Uss Enterprise
Capital Of Serbia
State Of Rapture Or Overwhelming Emotion
This Animal Does Not Have A Brain
Makeup For The Mouth, Glossy Or Matte
He That Commits A Fault Thinks __ Speaks Of It
Cottonmouth Snake Is A __ Snake From The Us
A Poorly Written Poem Meant To Be Funny
Us Cheese, White Inside, Orange Borders
Elbow, Bowel And Below Are __ Of One Another
Male Range Of Voice Between Bass And Tenor

CodyCross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 2
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Dog Day __, Al Pacino Tries To Rob A Brooklyn Bank
The Earth Is Hit By __ 100 Times A Second
Along With The Concord, A Revolutionary Battle
Room That Is Kept Extremely Clean
Colossal Cave Adventure, 1977 Text __ Game
Shaped Like A Three-dimensional Circle
Capital Of Sweden
Straight, Single Grip Sword Used For Thrusting
Mosquito Disease Causes Small Heads In Newborns
Dos, Disk __ System
Jumping Out Of A Plane With A Parachute

CodyCross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 3
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Mowing Machine That Marks A Line On Grain
Baseball Player Who Plays Behind A Home Plate
Agnes __ Is Seymour’s Mother In The Simpsons
To Pour Out Exact Amounts For Cooking
__ Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Dirty Move, Under-the-belt Punch
Fish In N. Atlantic Ocean; Black Lateral Line
Us Writer, Author Of Popular Children Books
To Rise In Rank, To Make Progress
Sons Of __, Colonial Secret Society
Short For Antilogarithm
Derogatory Term For An Intellectual Person

CodyCross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 4
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Information Sets “mined” By Companies
Founder, Leader Of A Sect In Indian Religions
Raised Area Of Land With Stepped Levels
Building Where Goods Are Manufactured
Unit Of Heat; Measurement Of Food Energy
__ Jones’ Diary, Jane Austen-inspired Comedy
Goes From The Shoulder To The Elbow
__ Eco, Italian Semioticist And Modern Novelist
__ Domain, State’s Right To Take Private Property
Something Passed Down Through Genes
Character Of An Animated Series About A Gorilla

CodyCross Sports Group 150 Puzzle 5
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Luke And Leia __ Are Padme’s Children In Star Wars
Amy Adams Is The Princess In This Disney Film
A __ Investigates A Criminal Case
Atari Insect Shooting Arcade Game
Odonate Insect Larger Than Damselflies
Springtime Yellow Root, Its Seeds Float Away
Bender’s Last Name On Futurama
Even Homer __ Nods
Yet To Be Sounded Or Explored
Stinky Study That Focuses On Garbage
Box-shaped Musical Instrument With Keys On The Side
Jeff __, You Might Be A Redneck’s Author
Kitchen Device Which Is Used To Open Containers
Large Tropical Yellow Fruit With Hard Skin
name By Which The Romans Called Scotland
Clumsy Comedy; Embarrassing Situation