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CodyCross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 1
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not Present
Greek Goddess Of The Day
X-men Star Rogue, Anna __
Inventor Of The Electric Razor: Jacob __
Google __: Google’s Web Browser
Armenian Flatbread Made In A Tandoor
Worker Puts This “over Your Head”
Groundskeeper __, Janitor In The Simpsons
Roman God Of Fire And Metalworking
Vehicle Fuel Type; Italian Fashion Brand
Arabic Capital Has Largest Female University
In Sci-fi, Human With Computerised Items Inside Him
A Child’s First Toilet
The Devil With The Three __ Hairs, 1812 Tale
Beach __ Ball Started In California In 1920s

CodyCross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 2
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Artemis Can Also Be Referred To As __
The Great Tower Or Innermost Keep Of A Castle
Agreement, Harmony, Voluntarily
The Capital Of Republic Of Macedonia
Three-__ Toads Are Good Luck In Asian Cultures
Punctuation Mark, Joins Words
__ Grouper Has Brown And White Stripes
In A __ World, Danish Golden Globe, Oscar Winner
Ufc Fighter, Anderson __ Silva
Bluish-purple Color, Also A Flowering Plant
Martial Art Made Famous By Steven Seagal

CodyCross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 3
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Type Of Holiday Cake Made With Fruit And Nuts
In The Simpsons, __ Man Stars On Channel Ocho
Led The Greeks In The Trojan War
Famous Recording Studio Located In London
In Greek __, Sirens Lure Sailors To Their Death
It Has Hairy Skin And Green Flesh
Obsequious Behavior, In School A Teacher’s Pet
Pirate Killed By A Hurricane That Sunk His Ship
Fundraiser Which Involves Exercising At Steady Pace
Less Scary Name For Halitosis
Catalonian La Liga Side
Pea-sized Gland Controls Growth, Blood Pressure
Thin Membrane, Singers “loudspeaker”

CodyCross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 4
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Abducted Or Drawn Away
Place Where Beer Is Made
Keel-shaped Ridge Of Rock Formed By Wind
Harry Potter’s Godfather Escaped From This Prison
The Most Famous Pokemon
__ Sand Skink Has Tiny Legs With Only One Toe
Small Japanese-style Grill For Outdoor Cooking
Antimalarial Drugs Treat __
Ruin, Downfall
One Who Renounces One’s Beliefs Under Oath
Michael Phelps’ Occupation
Someone Who Installs And Repairs Plumbing
Something Worked On For A Period Of Time
A Fine Woven Cotton Fabric, Resembling Cambric
Traveling Down A River On A Raft
Darth Vader __ Three Characters’ Hands In Star Wars
Tradeable Contracts Not For Now

CodyCross Sports Group 152 Puzzle 5
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Icons Used Online To Express Emotions
nice Way Of Saying “fired”
__ Unchained, Jamie Foxx Plays A Freed Slave
Band Featuring Sting And Andy Summers, The __
Mma Hold Of An Arm Held Between Thighs
Bc Is Home To The World’s Largest __ Stick
Second Largest City In Western Asia
Red-__ Rock Agama Is A Smaller Lizard From Africa
Season After Spring
Type Of Dark Spice, Has Strong Flavor
South Of Heaven, West Of Hell Producer, __ Yoakam
Gadget, Device, Trinket, Misc Items
Silent __ Is A Wwii Submarine Combat Game
Facial __, Better Known As Kleenex
Religious Superior, Head Priest Of Temple
Human Heart Pressure Can Shoot Blood __ Feet
Dealing With Something, Minimizing Stress
Candleshoe Is A 1977 Film Starring Jodie __