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CodyCross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 1
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Jamaican Speedster Gold In Rio, London And Beijing
Street In The Southern Portion Of Manhattan
Manga-based Video Game Franchise
A Run-down Hotel
Written And Printed Publisher’s Opinion
Enemy Of A Government Agent In A Spy Film
Lance __, Former American Cyclist
Sad, Gloomy, Dejected, Or Downcast
Burning Sensation In Chest Caused By Gastric Acid
Medical Specialty; X-rays
Character Played By Jessica Tandy On A 1989 Movie

CodyCross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 2
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__ Todd, The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Otp: One True __, Usually A Celebrity Couple
A Person Who Is Proficient In Sports
Solitary Fan Green __ Looks Like A Large Fan
__ Mantises Are Known For Their Devoted Posture
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is The __ Film
__ And Cressida, A Shakespeare’s Tragedy
Struck Idiophone Operated By A Keyboard
Over The Whole Area, Extent, Item
A Very Large Piece Of Ice Floating In The Ocean
Sirens Lured Sailors In Ancient Greek Tale
Republican Did Not Win Vp, Presidential Runs
Halgerda Batangas Is A Species Of __
Inept Boxing Player
Rapid, Brisk Tempo

CodyCross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 3
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Type Of Galaxy Consisting In A Flat, Rotating Disk
List Of People, Groups, Units For Events
Title Character In John Green’s First Novel
Capital Of Germany
Item Made For An Electrical Purpose; Cell Phone
The Original Ultimate Fighter
John __ Mellencamp, Rocker Of Jack And Diane
Reaction To Gluten, __ Disease
Golf Club To Strike The Ball Gently To The Hole
Kiss Of The __ Woman, Stuck In Brazilian Prison
Lone __, Tonto, Hi-yo Silver, Started On Radio
Battle Of __ Bank, Site Of The Blücher Sinking

CodyCross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 4
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Miniature __ Looks Like A German Pinscher
Traffic That Is Coming Towards You
A Patchwork Quilt Requires Them
Interchange Of Items, Goods, Foods
Part Of The Face Above The Eyes And Below The Hair
French Cold Egg Sauce With Mustard
Form Of Baseball Played With A Larger Ball
The Time When All Men Will Be Judged
Davy __, Folk Hero Killed At The Alamo
To Explode Something, Such As Dynamite
Light Azure Hue Associated With Newborns
Sylvia __, Movie With Katherine Hepburn
Center Of A Target, What The Shooter Aims For
Galaxy That Contains Our System

CodyCross Sports Group 153 Puzzle 5
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Movement Of A Limb Away From Your Body
Harry Potter’s Friend Luna Is Sorted In This House
Opposite Of Being Exactly The Same
Drawing Or Painting Roughly
Workplace Comedy Starring Andy Dick, Phil Hartman
__ Meyer, Famous For Her Series About Vampires
Colloquial Term For Affordable Care Act
Dish That Is Cooked In An Oven; Green Bean __
Medieval Church Music
__ Soldierfish Are Reddish With Large Eyes