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CodyCross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 1
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Sensation Of A Current Event Happening In The Past
Ving __, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction Actor
To Look Over Something Again For Errors
Former Ufc Champ, Chuck “the __” Liddel
Car Ride On Tracks, __ Coaster
Brothers Who First Successfully Flew In 1903
Device Polishes, Improves Chocolate Quality
Brush, Usually With Feathers, Used For Cleaning
Mary Jo Buttafucco Shooter, Amy __
Mediterranean Nation With Greek, Turkish Pops.
An Elongated Shape
Strong, Muscular

CodyCross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 2
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Fresh Herb Used For Tea, Gum And Toothpaste
Flower Bud Vegetable With Edible Hearts
Former Brady Bunch Mom, Florence
Capital Of The Netherlands
Riding A Bicycle
Ancient Babylonian Tool Made For Mass Farming
Body Part That Connects Brain To Spinal Cord
Use A Calculator To __ The Volume Of A Cylinder
Floor __, An Olympic Gymnastic Routine
Gravestone, Placed At The Heads Of Graves
Pope Who Launched A 6th-century Mission
Sunset __, Classic Movie With Gloria Swanson
__ G. Iñárritu, Director Of Birdman

CodyCross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 3
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__ Beauty, Won The Academy Awards In 2000
Sweet, Chewy, Aromatic Black Substance
__ Family Includes Aunts, Uncles, Cousins
Largest Part Of The Brain, The Front Part
When One Presents A Counter Argument, Devil’s __
A Respectful Gesture Of Greeting In India
Capital Of The Chimú Culture In Peru
Period Of Time From 500 Ad To 1000 Ad
It Is A Virtue
Michael __, Writer Known Best For Jurassic Park
Canvas Backpack Used By Soldiers
Serena __, American Tennis Player
__ Bars, Aerial Gymnastic Event
A Place Where One Shouldn’t Leave His/her Manners
Pedro Alvarez __, Cuban Artist
There Are Two Sides To Every __

CodyCross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 4
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Someone Who Has A Deep Knowledge Of A Subject
To Mix Together Two Foods
Punished With A Fine Not Fixed By A Statute
Laughing Hyena Comes In Striped And __ Types
Roman Goddess Of War, Conquest And Peace
Low Seat Without A Back Also Known As Footstool
Etymological Meaning Of Zebra
Shakespeare’s Tragedy About Racism And Jealousy
nickname To The Baseball Playing Field
Fruit With One Seed Native To Mexico
Dental __ Is To Prevent Cavities
Every Man Has The __ Of His Own Virtues
You Feel Like This When You Have Nothing To Do
Several Defensive Baseball Positions
Chubby __ Had Everyone Doing The Twist In 1960
Doctor Usually Refers To A __ Doctor, Md, Phd
Well-groomed French Lady
Queen Anne’s __, Blackbeard’s Ship
Fork-like Spear, Popular Gum Brand
The Capital Of New Hampshire
Eyewear To Protect Those Who Work With Chemicals

CodyCross Sports Group 154 Puzzle 5
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Cream-filled Yellow Cakes
Good Company On The Road Is The __ Cut
Secondary Act At A Circus Or Fair
A Villain Hideout In The Spy Who Loved Me
Relating To Ancient Greece Before Alexander
Medical Term For Being Abnormally Small
Pre-google Tv Guy Who Could Fix Everything
A Pot In Which Stock For Soup Is Made And Kept
Worthless, Ineffective
The One Who Fights In The Sport Of Wrestling
A General Improvement In Appearance
To Do Something Over And Over To Improve Skill
Letter Pad On Computers; Can Be Found On A Piano
Paul __, Big Fat Liar Actor
Multi-armed Demonic Being Of Hindu Mythology
Marijuana Helps Some With This Seizure Disorder
Type Of Hockey Officials Who Call Icing Violations
The Pen Is __ Than The Sword