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CodyCross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 1
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What You Hear Before Train Departure, All __
Rum Based Polynesian Cocktail
Heart __ Is The Death Of The Heart Muscle
Bowler’s First Goal; All Ten Pins In One Roll
Code Computers And Programs Are Written In
A Date Which Will Live In __, By Fd Roosevelt
African Nation North Of Lake Victoria
Key On A Map, Tells What Symbols Mean
Los Angeles Soccer Team That Landed Beckham
__ Harris, Creator Of Hannibal
Acrophobia Is A __ Fear Of Heights
Scissors Used To Cut Lambs Wool
The Capital Of Oman

CodyCross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 2
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__ State, New York’s Powerful Nickname
Dog Most Selected As Best In Show: __ Spaniel
Telescope Launched In 1990, Sends Back Photos
Busy Rail Terminus Serving Madrid
Who Loves This Game And Has Two __? This Guy
Company, Organization Providing Services
Radical Jumping With Cord Around Your Ankles
Chemical Element Commonly Used In Enemas
Hash __, Fried, Shredded Potato, Breakfast Dish
Word That Modifies Verbs Or Clauses
Woman Behind The Manchurian Candidate, Eleanor __

CodyCross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 3
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Star Of “the Philadelphia Story”: Jimmy __
Omega Virus Is A __ Electronic Game From 1992
Tended King David In Old Age
British, “curious” Mints Come In A Tin
Farsi Is A Language Of This Family
Penn State Legend Died Amidst Scandal
Highest Mountain On The Planet
African Country Made Quarterfinals Of 2002 Wc
Venetian Rowing Boat For Romantic Tourists
90s Sitcom Theme By The Rembrandts
Saviour Of The Ancient Jewish People

CodyCross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 4
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Hummingbirds Are The __ Among Bird Species
This Country’s Capital Is Kuala Lumpur
Road In Nyc Famous For Its Theatres’ Industry
Used For Cooking And Warmth When Outside
Worst Case __
Born In The Country Known For The Samurai Culture
Song Recorded By The Beatles
Slick Jacket Worn To Repel Water
Pitchers, Catchers And Shortstops Play __
Explicit Writing Style Of Roman Poems
Dark Absorbent Fuel Made Of Burning Wood
__ Cowboy, 1969 Us Film, Oscar For Best Picture
Show Known For Being About Nothing
Medieval Game Of “chicken”
Aliens: The __ Game, Apple Ii 1988 Video Game

CodyCross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 5
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Ornamental Item That Adds Flavor, Decoration
General Pardon For Political Offenses
Several Pieces Of Artillery Used For Action
Digestive Organ; Cows Have Four Of Them
American Association Of __ People, Aka Aarp
Device That Shows The Time According To The Sun
Sympathetic Leader, First Pope From Latin America
Taking By Force, Unfair Loss In Game
4 Leaf __ Are Good Luck Symbols
Dance Marked By Flowing Movements Across The Room
Pride In Belonging To A Select Group
A Sport Which Is Part Of The Olympic Events
1990 Die Hard Game Is Set In Los __