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CodyCross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 1
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Adding __ To Injury
__ Oswalt, Nerd Comic, King Of Queens
This City, Not Toronto, Is Canada’s Capital
To Throw A Heavy Lenticular Weight, The __ Throw
Bigbox Retailer Dropped American Express In 2015
Response To A Question
Academy Winner Who Played Nefertiti, Anne __
To Impact A Stationary Object; Not A Collision
Blue __ Nudibranch Is A Blue And Black Sea Slug
A Type Of Computer Virus
American Old West Folk Character, “wild Bill”
Upbeat, Feelling-good Lion King’s Tune __ Matata
Single Inhalation And Exhalation Of Air
Bed Used As A Couch By Day
__ Moon, A Japanese Cartoon
America’s Got __, Tv’s Biggest Talent Show
Dofus Is An Mmorpg Developed By __
Ra, Foremost Egyptian __, Ruler Of The Gods
The Sixth Planet From The Sun
__ Actors Guild, Award Given By Fellow Actors

CodyCross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 2
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Someone Who Takes The Lives Of Others
It Is No Use __ The Ship For A Ha’p’orth Of Tar
Equestrian __ Is The Art Form Of The Sport
John __, One Of The World’s Best Classical Guitarists
A Changeling Can Morph Into __ It Wants
Judge On The Voice, Christina __
Medical Term For Elbow Or Knee Scrape
Greek Philosopher, Plato Teacher
Hot Wheels Competitor, Toy Cars
Common Submission In Mma, __ Choke
Study Of Origins Of Ideas

CodyCross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 3
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Film By Joe Wright Based On A Novel By Ian Mcewan
Sinatra Gets No Kick From __
Chinese Philosopher Known For Wise Words
76 __ Led The Big Parade.
Tv Show About Misfits In Greendale College
Very Famous Wrestler, Won A Lawsuit Against Gawker
Willing To Consent Or Accept
__ Clown Has A Specific Costume
Hijacking; Kidnapping
It Connects The Spinal Cord To The Cerebrum
Animal With No Bones And Long Tentacles; It Stings
Doom: The Board Game Is An __ Game From 2004
Won The Printz Award For Novel Looking For Alaska
Base Of Low Hills Below A Mountain Range
Umbrella-like Device For Jumping Out Of Planes
Dingos Run Wild In This Country’s Outback
__ In Seattle, Radio Talk Show Romantic Comedy
What Every Why Has
Large Bowl In Which A Salad Is Served
Cafeteria School Chef In The Simpsons
Flaky, Twisted French Bread
The Study Of Glands
Full-time Buddhist, The “homeless One”

CodyCross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 4
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Jamaican Who Runs “as Fast As Lightning”
Blackspotted __ Have Large Yellow Lips
Addition Or Change To A Law Or Bill
Dish Typical From Southern States Made With Maize
Mechanical Marvel Used To Cut Yards
Former Swimmer And Nine-time Olympic Champion
__ Is Han Solo’s Friend And Sidekick In Star Wars
Children’s Song Title, Three Jolly __
An Image With Urban Scenery As Its Primary Focus
__ Islands; Darwin’s Evolution Theory
A Spinning Cylinder
A Wine Lover
Second Largest Country In South America

CodyCross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 5
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Digital Music Service Fought With Taylor Swift
They Say It Never Sleeps
Sons Of __, Hamlet On A Motorcycle Club On Tv
Olympic Sport Involving Light Spear
__ Cave, Formed Within The Ice Of A Glacier
Marvel Comic Writer, Known For Movie Cameos
Widely Popular Headache, Pain Medicine Brand
Animal __, Kids Zoological Sweet Treat
Retain Basic Contents By Omitting Details
John __, Former American Tennis Player
Life Line For Your Smartphone