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CodyCross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 1
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Liquid Used As A Nail Polish Remover
The Most Famous Wrestler/actor In The World
Something Made From Clay And Fired In A Kiln
The Official Controlling A Sports Match
Ship Featured In Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander
The Capital Of Washington
Physical Elements Of Writing, Such As Metaphors
Medicine For Stopping Itching And Pain
Legally Taken And Raised By Other Parents
Wipe This Part Of Computer Clean For Privacy
Item From The Past, Not Modern
Someone Torn By An Inner Conflict

CodyCross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 2
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Devices Used To Stop A Car
The Lady In __ 6: Music Saved My Life, A Film
Involve, Engross, Occupy The Efforts Of
__ Rider, Hasselhoff Series Before Baywatch
An Object Without A Lot Of Detail Or Ornate Colors
Computer Key Allows You To Switch Between Modes
To Actively Not Notice Someone Or Something
These Seeds Are Used On Hamburger Buns
__ Cash, Famously Entertained Inmates
__ Illustrated, Magazine Known For Swimsuit Issue
Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael
A Bill Is An Advertising __ For The Circus

CodyCross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 3
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Upwords Is A Variation Of __ With Stacking Letters
Asian Island Was British Colony On 99-year Lease
To Insert Tissue Or A Substance Into The Body
Donna On Beverly Hills, 90210, Actress Tori __
Someone On Your Team, Usually Sports
Ventilation From The Top Of The House
Liza __, Daughter Of Judy Garland
Ancient Art Of War Is The First Real-time __ Game
Leonardo __, Won An Oscar For The Revenant
The Capital Of Faroe Islands
Beautiful Woman; Consciousness-stealing Punch
A Group Of People Coming Together

CodyCross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 4
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Alberta’s Museum Dedicated To These Local Rodents
Middle Eastern Drupe; Teardrop Nut
The Welsh Language
__ Earhart, Famous Female Aviator
Another Term For Soul Or Ghost
When Pupils Become Larger, Receive More Light
Punctuation To Stress Certain Letters
Temporary Storage For Holding Data Until Ready
Capital Of South Dakota
__ Schwarzenegger, Actor, Politician
Car __ Can Involve All Types Of Cars
“mouth” Of Car, Allows Air Into Engine Area
__ And Her Sisters, A Film By Woody Allen
Boat Made By Hollowing Out A Log; Also In Baseball

CodyCross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 5
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Isis, Wife Of __, Goddess Of Marriage And Wisdom
Canoe __, Speed Racing On Calm Water
Where You Go To The Bathroom
Bright Color Made With Yellow And Red
Ceremonial Blade Used In Wicca Religion
__ Room, People Have To Solve Puzzles To Break Out
__ Smith, 2 Time Superbowl Running Back Cowboys
Contrary, Instead Of, One Over The Other
What You Hit When You Want To Sleep Longer
Ancient Queen Of Persia Who Has A Bible Book
Resourceful, Full Of Expedients
Fish Used For Fishing Bait
__ Wake You Up Better In The Morning Than Caffeine