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CodyCross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 1
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Medic Emergency Vehicle
The Shrew Tamed By Petruchio In Shakespeare’s Play
Capital Of Slovenia
A Second-year College Student
__ Of Horror, Simpson’s Halloween Special
What Seeing Is
Baby Bird That Is Ready To Leave The Nest
Rime, Ice Crystals
Artwork Made By Cutting Grooves Into A Surface
nickname Of Us Army Troops In Wwi
Fruit Preserved In Sugar
A Cylindrical Container For Holding Ice Cubes
Editing A Text So It Can Be Published
Sack Worn On One Shoulder, Goes Across Chest
Hey, Look Over There!
American Director Known For His Dark Fantasy Films
Sneaky Photographers
The __, The Original Reality Show, 90s Mtv Staple
Chemical Element Of Atomic Number 46

CodyCross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 2
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Small Sacs Of Tissue Next To The Tonsils
Jack __, Greatest Golfer Of All Time
To Eliminate On Social Media
Oldest Known Language Spoken By The Pharaohs
__ Holmes, Character By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Alphabet Used For Writing Eastern Slavic Languages
General __, American Long-running Soap Opera
Pain In The Head, Many Causes
Illegal Pitch In Baseball, Ball Is Lubed
Sadistic, Cruel And Perverted Roman Ruler
German Name For The Nazi Government
Produces Digestive Hormones Including Insulin
neil __ Tyson, Modern-day American Astrophysicist

CodyCross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 3
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__ Vs. __, Won The Academy Awards In 1980
Material Inside Bone, Often Donated
The King’s __, Oscar-winner Stuttering Film
Fruit Associated With The State Of Washington
A Set Team That Plays Against Each Other
Single Person On A Sports Team
Francesco __, Italian Baroque Painter
Glenn __, Big Band Leader Went Mia In Wwii
To Put Money Into Something For A Profit
South American Rodent Related To Guinea Pigs

CodyCross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 4
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Language Planned To Become World Language
Before You See The Dentist, You See This Person
A Winter Olympic Sport
Someone Who Practices Any Type Of Science
Hans __ Andersen Wrote The Angel In 1843
Whapuku, Or __: Large Prized Fish From Australia
A Hit By The Beatles
Fashion Designer
Cricketer When His Team Is Not Batting
Stage, Big Box Illusion With Mexican Influence
Spanish Writer Of Don Quixote
City Where Harry Potter Was Written In A Cafe
A Box Of Matches, In Days Of Yore
Mobile Game Where Players Catch Pocket Monsters
It Is Not Possible To Do The Washing With It
Iron __, Band Of In The Garden Of Eden
It Decides What Is Socially Acceptable
Period Of No More Menstruation For A Woman
Challenging Toy, Bouncy Pole With Places For Feet

CodyCross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 5
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__ Paltrow, American Actress And Oscar Winner
14th State To Enter The Union In The Us
Sent Out Heat, Light, Sound, Liquid; Discharged
Anoxia Is The __ Of Oxygen In The Body
Mount __ Is Home To Greek Gods
French-inspired Olympic Sport Requires A Mask
__ Lagoon, Disney’s Giant Florida Waterpark
__ Grunt, Or Dogfish, Live In Schools On Reefs
Stringed Instrument From The Renaissance
Grey’s __, Part Medical Drama, Part Soap Opera
Roger __, Swiss Tennis Player
Foul-smelling, Reeking
A Night Street In New Orleans And A Drink’s Name
Sleeping And Living Out In Nature