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CodyCross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 1
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Music Made Using Cutlery, Aka Playing The Bones
Dr. Remy Hadley On House, __ Wilde
not Real; Outward Appearance; A Building Face
Five __ Of Grief, Aka Kubler Ross Model
Physical Exertion, Mental Process, Attempts
Separation Of __, Less Concentrated Influence
Large Beings In Norse Mythlogy Who Live Near Rocks
__ Peet, American Actress
Small, __, Large
Des __, Hawkeye Capital Named After French Fort
Emma __, Title Character Of A Novel By Flaubert
Initially Conceived As A Martial Art
The __ Years, Late 80s Opened By Joe Cocker
Term For A Young Swan

CodyCross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 2
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Divine Inspiration
All __. November 2nd
Founded The Country’s First Fire Department
__ Dad, Adult Cartoon Led By Cia Agent
Little Miss __, Feel Good 2006 Hit Movie
Balloonfish, Or __, Puff Up When Threatened
Dorn Is A __ Fantasy Board Game From Altar
Area On Each Side Of The Body, Holds Arms In Place
Ancient Lingua Franca Of Greater India
Band That Recorded The Hit Turn Turn Turn
What The Pasteurization Process Kills
Itchy And __, Simpsons Cartoon
Pale Round Seed Aka Garbanzo Beans
Include Hammer, Anvil And Stirrups; Ear Bones
Come Out __, Not So Subtle Boxing Idiom
Fast Car Designed For A Type Of Race

CodyCross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 3
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Shelf __, Item Taking Too Long To Sell
As Much As Eight Gallons
Turkish Porridge For The Muharram
Field And __, Outdoors Magazine
Gyalwang __, Reincarnated Buddhist Master
Dumb Priests Never Get That
Wwi Battle Also Known As The “race To The Sea”
The Lion King, 1994 __ Animated Film
Open Place With Buyers And Sellers Of Goods
Japanese Casual Clothing Store
A Buss, A Kiss
Pale-__ Surgeonfish Has Sharp Scalpel Tail
Political Campaign About The Uk Leaving The Eu
Son Named After His Father, Not Senior

CodyCross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 4
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White Pill Used For Headaches; Blood Thinner
Sleeps Upside Down And Plays Dead
Carl Sagan Taught Astronomy Here
To Smoke Like A Chimney; To Swear Like A __
Invasions, Raids
Leonardo __ Painted The Vitruvian Man
An Island Republic Which Used To Belong To Denmark
41st State To Enter The Union In The Us
Disobedient Or Mischievous
Slightly Hard Natural Cheese, Sometimes Sharp
Iran’s 2nd Largest City, Imam Reza Tomb

CodyCross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 5
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Christ Coming Into The World
French For A Peeping Tom
In Africa, Respectful Form Of Address To Men
The Brothers Or Brothers-in-law Of Your Parents
Tupac __, Aka 2pac, West Coast Rapper Gunned Down
The Secret __, Tv Show About A City Full Of Witches
Say __ And Thank You, Nice Manners
Relating To The Whole World, Universal
Civil War Hero, Little Bighorn Loser
Thomas __, Wrote The Witch Of Edmonton
not Quite All, Almost All
Donna Murphy Plays Mother __ In Tangled
Outline, Plan For A Meeting, To Be Voted On
Stunted Ear Of Indian Corn
Slang Term For Habitual Weed Smoker
Close, Neighboring, Not Far Away
Small Stream Of Water From The Earth
Spanish Royal City, Home To Famous Soccer Clubs
Boa Constrictor, Or Red-__ Boa, Is A Common Pet
French Partner Dance From The Early 17th Century
Mcdonald’s Classic With Its Own Song