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CodyCross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 1
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Green Grossular Stone From Kenya
Someone Who Speaks Two Languages
Bow-shaped Lake Formed In A Channel Of A River
Another Term For Safe Room
Tv Show About The Working-class Gallagher Family
Used To Measure Weight; Equals 1,000 Kilograms
Institution In Bern, Produces Switzerland’s Coins
Word Recently Coined
To Improve The Appearance Of An Area Of Land
This Kind Of Disease Requires Remedies Alike
By Individual
__ Heights, Inequivocal Gothic Novel
__ Versace, Italian Fashion Designer (female)
Played With Rackets And Shuttlecocks
Belittle, Degrade
The Incredible __ Man, A Sci-fi About Radiation
Savory, Fried Vegetable Appetizer; Makes You Cry
The Common __ Is Also Known As Common Stingray
Word Puzzle
Inflammation Of The Kidneys
Lincoln __ Is A Luxurious Suv
State Of Satisfaction And Contentment

CodyCross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 2
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Main Body Of Riders In A Bicycle Race
To Extract Or Emit Under Pressure
Juno Satellite Reached This Planet In 2016
In Art, A Color Not Warm Or Cool
Author Of The Waste Land
What An Army Marches On
Someone Who Plays The Drums
To Deviate From Normal Path, Go Another Way
An Answering __ Holds Phone Messages
To Endure Something Like A Surgery
__ Moore, Controversial, Liberal Movie Maker
Place To Discard Cigarette Residues
Plural Form Of Amoeba

CodyCross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 3
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__ Laboratories, Famous Pharmaceutical Company
Caterpillars Are __ Of Butterflies
1980 American Horror Film: __ The 13th
The Wizard At King Arthur’s Court
Long Walks Through The Woods On A Trail
natives Of This Republic Cannot Gamble There
__ Capote, Would Never Begin, End Work On Friday
__ Hugo, French Novelist Whose Work Is Set In Paris
Most Probable Outcome, Certainty, Probably
__ Cat Has A Rounded Face And Folded Ears
The __ Connection, Won The Academy Awards In 1972
Person Who Takes Care Of The Bats In Baseball
__ Joy, Coconut, Chocolate Covered Candy Bar
An Ancient Persian King
Little Red __ Hood, A French Fairy Tale
Black-__ Snake Eel Usually Bury Themselves
__ Panda 3, 2016 Movie

CodyCross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 4
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Capital Of Kazakhstan
__ Spielberg’s E.t. The Extra-terrestrial
Wild Dog, Known For Its Laugh; Not Hyena
Official Name To Hop, Step And Jump
Blackway And Bourne Film Series Star, Julia __
Curved Knife Used By Sikhs
It’s Impossible To Keep Your Eyes Open When You __
Play By Tennessee Williams, Night Of The __
Evil And Mischievious Dwarf-like Daemon
__ Is The Most Successful Arcade Game Of All Time
__ Bob Squarepants, Most Popular Nickelodeon Toon
Polish Pastry Eaten On Fat Tuesday In Us
Batman: __ Is A Series Of Video Games
Additive Ractopamine Illegal In This Cold Country

CodyCross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 5
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Trekkies Are People Who Love __
__ Are Insects Considered Good Luck In Asia
__ Culkin, Home Alone Star, Jackson Friend
Your Mother Told You To Never Run Holding This
Texas’ Northern Neighbor, Broadway Staple
Quarter Of An Area, Usually Land Area
Large Hill Of Sand Made By Wind Flows
__ In Paris, A Film By Woody Allen
A Bank Is A Large Elevated Area Of __
To Enter A Horse In A Race
__ Island, Board Game With Marbles As Lava
Midnight’s __, By Salman Rushdie
Knitted Garment That Has An Open Front