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CodyCross Transports Group 106 Puzzle 1
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Dirty Harry’s Irish Surname
Cyclophobia Is The Fear Of __
Company Sued To Prove They Weren’t Potato Chips
Vulnerable Part Of Infant Skull Aka Fontanelle
__ Spree, The Urge To Buy Anything You Want
Place For Practicing On Hobbies
Female Demon Slept With Unconscious Men
To Jut Out
Digital Voice __, Used By Journalists, Students
Long Coat Made From Waterproof Fabric
Baggywrinkle Is A __ For Cables To Stop Chafing

CodyCross Transports Group 106 Puzzle 2
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Super Organism Capable Of Developing Cures
Cher’s Former Partner In Life And Music
Building With Bunk Beds, Sleeping Quarters
Jafar Is Aladdin’s __, Villain In Disney Movie
The Date A Person Is Born
This Vegetable Makes Urine Smelly
Always Lagging Behind
Cables Reaching From The Stern To Mast Heads
America Ferrera Show From Colombian Telenovela
The Capital Of Pitcairn Islands
__ Devil, Carnivorous Australian Marsupial
Jamaican Religion Associated With Long Dreds

CodyCross Transports Group 106 Puzzle 3
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To Feel Embarrassed About Something
__ Sour, Hard Liquor Mixed With Lemon Juice
Practices To Keep Your Teeth Healthy
Automobile, Car, Truck, Bus, Suv
Street Where The British Prime Minister Lives
Four Periods Of Yearly Weather Changes
Royal Teacher In Burmese Buddhism
__ Clingfish Live On Sea Urchins
__ Beam, One Of The Olympic Gymnastic Events
Matching Pullover And Cardigan Worn Together
nemesis Of Dalmatians Everywhere
A Room Where Young Children Can Play

CodyCross Transports Group 106 Puzzle 4
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Rock The __, 2015 Bill Murray Movie
Major Language Of Middle East And North Africa
Four-__ Engine Was Invented In 1876
Most Charming Art Nouveau Tower
“skin” Remover For Fishermen
Highly-magnetized Rotating Neutron Star
Group Of Cells That Produce Something, Sweat
Large Marine Mammal, Arctic Waters, Huge Tusks
Burns __, Scottish Verse Form
Country Known For The Mayan Pyramids
Space __, David Bowie Song
Viral Infection Carried By Animals; Can Be Fatal
Largest Division Of A State In The Us
Saltwater Clam, Valued For Its Meat And Pearls

CodyCross Transports Group 106 Puzzle 5
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Edward __hands Starred Johnny Depp
Dan Conner On Roseanne, John __
Strong Smelling Gas, Nitrogen And Hydrogen
Elastic Fabric That “expands”
Pitch Variation In Speech
Cherrylike Fruit Source Of Vitamin C
Device In A Car Used To Start The Engine
__ Dolls Represent Native American Spirits
Appliance Used To Toast Or Grill Food
Paris Saint __, French Team Known By Abbreviation