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CodyCross Transports Group 107 Puzzle 1
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Multiple __, Disease Of The Brain, Spinal Cord
Someone You Do Combat Against
Asian Nation Known For Its Tough Stance On Drugs
Work Expands So As To Fill The Time __
Another Name For Swiss Roll
Us Archetypal Clarinetist Who Died In 2004
Astarboard Is Over To The __ Side Of A Ship
A Very Short Skirt
To Have The Skills Or Power To Do Something
Antony And __, A Shakespeare’s Tragedy
__ Snake Eel Looks Like A Snake And Has No Fins

CodyCross Transports Group 107 Puzzle 2
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English Punk Rock Band Led By Joe Strummer
Rene __ Painted Golconda
The Strongest Tendon In The Body
Life Is Not All Beer And __
Someone Who Draws Cartoons
Top Part Of A Seat, Behind The Head
Diseases That Affect The Tissues Around Teeth
The Great __, Chaplin’s Satire Of Hitler
Clothing Accessory Worn Around The Skull
non-partisan, Even-handed

CodyCross Transports Group 107 Puzzle 3
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To Leave Something Out
Group Of Travelers Journeying Together
Unit Of Two Or More Squads
A Major Throwing Sport And Leisure Activity
Large Waterbird With A Long Bill And Throat
Dutch Artist Who Drew Impossible Objects
Investigator Of Deaths From Unnatural Causes
Poland’s Longest And Largest River
Calcium __, Aka Norwegian Saltpeter
Musical Drama Starring Minnelli As Sally Bowles
Food, Beverage Decoration
Female Spirit Of Death In Irish Mythology
Dan Castellaneta Voices Homer __
Flying Reindeer With Crimson Colored Nose
Repeat Of A Song In A Play
Device Used To Power A Car
Small Ceramic Bowl Used For Cooking And Serving
Right Answer, Not Wrong

CodyCross Transports Group 107 Puzzle 4
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A Sort Of Word Blindness
Muddy __, Father Of Modern Chicago Blues
noble Born Who Is Trained To Fight
Something Added, Attached To Another
Dreamworks Chicken Run Starred Mel __
To Make Possible; To Provide Means Or Tools
As A Rule, Drunk At Christmas Time
Wild Cat, Chic, Sporty Roadster
Close Quarters, Military Knife
Player Who Distributes Cards In A Game
Eddie __, Donkey, Beverley Hills Cop

CodyCross Transports Group 107 Puzzle 5
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To Look At Something With Pleasure, Approval
Volkswagen Bug, Not British Rock Band
Items Worn On The Hands With Places For Fingers
Strip Of Cloth Wrapped Around A Gift
666 Park __, Tv Show About A Haunted Building
Hopper Painted Girl At __ Machine
A __ Is Creature That Flies And Breathes Out Fire
Letters, Numbers Representing Traded Company
Tommy __, Pesci’s Character In Goodfellas
Someone Who Leads
Capital Of Central African Republic