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CodyCross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 1
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Goods Delivered For Pay; Cargo
Lively Tempo In Music
Slaughterhouse Staple, Looks Like Hatchet
__ Princip, Yugoslav Who Murdered An Archduke
Bird Known For Its Huge, Beautiful Tail Displays
Hell’s __, Gordon Ramsay’s Inferno Reality Show
To Be Filled With Satisfaction About Something
What Must Be Done If It Can’t Be Cured
The Most Venerated Saint In Ireland
Promised To Be Married
Chairs With A Tune, Never Enough For All
Pertaining To Or Involving Atomic Weapons
Asian Bread Flavored With Saffron
national Guard Base, Where Troops Drill And Train
Someone In Charge Of A Museum, Collection
Won The Academy Awards For Best Movie In 1985

CodyCross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 2
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Cool, Refreshing Flavor Used In Gums And Candies
George Westinghouse Invented It In 1868
One Of The Longest One-syllable Words In English
Mark Hamill Plays Luke __ In The Star Wars Films
Substance Formulated To Prevent Sunburn
Longfin __ Is Native To Australia
Magicka Is A Video Game Based On Norse __
__ Uses More Energy Than All Nukes In The World
Usually Worn For Golf-playing
Having To Do With Bacteria
Swelling Of Fluid Behind The Knee

CodyCross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 3
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Susanna __, Famous For Jonathan Strange Novel
Convertible Motorcar
White, 8 Mile Rapper Discovered By Dr. Dre
To Gain Possession Of Something
Type Of Dog Breed, Known For Plush Coat, Lassie
Pleasant Gust Of Air
next To Kenya, Congo, And South Sudan
Small Red Fruit, Also Used As Flavoring
The Preserver And Protector In Hinduism
Lack Of Energy, Pathology Terminology
Eye Doctors __ Eyes To Make Pupils Bigger

CodyCross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 4
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Divine Inspiration
Mixing Two Colors Or Pigments Together Softly
Cheesy Beach Drama Starring Pamela Anderson
Carbohydrates Mainly Come From __ And Fiber
Item To Protect You From Rain
Emergency Stopping Lane On The Roadside
Patrick __, Writer Of The Kingkiller Chronicle
David __, Known For His Book Cloud Atlas
The Righteous __, 60s Hit Was Later In A Movie
Quasimodo’s Whale
Computer Programs Distributed Without Charge
__ And Broomsticks Is A 1971 Disney Film
The Da Vinci Code Author Was Once A Pop Singer
Someone You Work With, Colleague
Mrs __ Is The Very Pineapple Of Politeness
Loose __, Main Idea With Modifying Clauses

CodyCross Transports Group 109 Puzzle 5
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__ Seizure Is A Staring Spell Type Of Seizure
French Contemporary Of Pablo Picasso
Banded Scat Is Silver And Black __
Physics Theory About One Dimensional Objects
Slang For Paper Money In The Circus
Credit __, Financial Swap Led To 2008 Crash
Winter Accessories Protect The Neck
Island In The Caribbean; Capital Is St. George’s
Type Of Milk-based Dessert, Thick, Usually Flavored
Inflatable Bags In Cars For Safety
Famous Gaul That Resists Roman Invasions
House Of Cards, __ Original Series
Christmas Classic About Child Musician