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CodyCross Transports Group 112 Puzzle 1
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First Organ To Process Food You Eat
High Torque, Slow Speed Vehicle
Whales And Dolphins Are __
Someone Who Makes An Affidavit
Argo, Pearl Harbor, And Batman Actor, Ben __
Flakey Small Bread Eaten With Gravy
Bernini Painted __ Of Saint Teresa
First Man On Mt. Everest’s Peak, Edmund __ Kiwi
Colorado, Utah, __, And New Mexico: Four Corners
Language Used For All International Transactions
Principled, Virtuous
Bronze Age People, Language Of Mesopotamia

CodyCross Transports Group 112 Puzzle 2
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To Give Responsibilities To Someone
Miracle On 34th Street Actress __ O’hara
Fishing With A Hook And Line, Not Fly Fishing
Opposite Of Backward
People Who Shoot With A Bow And Arrow
South American Capital On The Caribbean Sea
Sovereign Ruler Of An Empire, A Monarch
natural Substance That Is Found In Food
Tax Imposed By A King On Holders Knight’s Fees
Let The __ Stick To His Last
Slang For A Car That Has A Lot Wrong With It
First Probe Sent To Saturn

CodyCross Transports Group 112 Puzzle 3
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Starter Aka Hors D’oeuvre
So Strange As Not Seeming Real
Orderly Historical Written Account
Time When All The Troubles Seemed So Far Away
Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea
Dutch Girl Known Best For Her Courageous Diary
1979 Ivan Reitman Comedy Starring Bill Murray
The Study Of Projectiles In Flight
Career Where One Enlists Others For Careers
“all Sound” Japanese Electronics Brand
Isaac __ Wright Plays Bran Stark In Game Of Thrones
The Smallest Kind Of Blood Vessel
Colombia’s Main River, Delta On The Carribbean
Evening Garment For Women; Worn Around The House
Freed At Last
Absolutely Obligatory
Zap __, Captain Of The Nimbus From Futurama
Moth Still In Its Hard Case
Cleanliness Is Next To It
Seemingly Invisible; Resembling A Phantom

CodyCross Transports Group 112 Puzzle 4
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Separated From Other Persons Or Things
Tight-fitting Stretch Pants
Martin __, Director Of Goodfellas
The Capital Of Tuvalu
Container For Trash
Greek God Of Wine
Sea Animal That Looks Like A Star
World-weariness, Scoffing
Durable Roadway Surface, Usually Grey
Unplowed Land Near A Fence Or Border
Type Of Disease That Spreads Around The World

CodyCross Transports Group 112 Puzzle 5
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To Help Someone Do Something
Cheese Popular With Kids Can Be Peeled Apart
Ringed Planet; Us Car Model
Mysterious Affair At __. An A. Christie’s Novel
Test By A Surgeon On A Sample Of Tissue
Spider’s Masterpiece, Hate To Walk Into Them
Ancient City, Turkey’s Capital
Main Character Of The Jungle Book, Disney Film
Enlisted Naval Member, Below Petty Officer
“cloak And __” Stories Of Intrigue
A Person That Is Able To Close A Deal
Possibility Of Harm Or Injury, Risk, Trouble