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CodyCross Transports Group 118 Puzzle 1
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Dough, Stretched, Cut; Pasta
Game Played With Ball, Bats And Two Wickets
A Disease Or Sickness
Capital Of Northern Ireland Since 1921
Postal Markings That Replace Stamps
James __, Actor From It’s A Wonderful Life
Risen Out Of The Water, Leaves, Etc
Six-sided Geometric Shape
Tv Drama About Life Of Plastic Surgeons
First Probe To Visit Mercury
Ice __, Ship Designed To Move Through Ice
This Person Rings You Up At A Store
Large Semiaquatic Rodent With A Musky Smell

CodyCross Transports Group 118 Puzzle 2
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James Earl Jones Is __ In The Lion King
Last Bowler On A Team, Keeps Team From Drifting
Adjective Used As A Noun
Perceived Color Of The Sun
Large Beings In Norse Mythlogy Who Live Near Rocks
Beverage Made With Eggs, Milk, Cream, And Sugar
__ Giant Clam Is Bright Blue With Spots
Place For Keeping Files
Found At The Back, Steers A Ship, Submarine
To Fill With Love; To __ Someone
It Modifies The Verb, Often Ends In “ly”
Stringed Instrument, Forerunner To The Guitar
Steep Walled Basin, Bowl Shaped, Lake At Bottom
Loose Trousers For Casual Wear
Ragtime Dance; Shakes Hips And Shoulders
Cone Shaped Item Used To Pour Liquids

CodyCross Transports Group 118 Puzzle 3
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Layer Of Fabric Underneath Another Layer Of Fabric
World’s Largest Wetlands Found In Western Brazil
They Say It Is A Lottery
Gone With The Wind’s Lead Character
Sports Drink Created For Florida College Team
David __, Californication Star, Agent Mulder
Cover Cuts And Scrapes On The Skin
Lego __ Is A Popular Hobby For All Ages
Short Scene, Faded Border In Photographs
One Who Pulls Strings In Government Circles
History That Has Meaning And Value To A Culture
Bigeye Trevally Are Found In All __ Waters
Eight Day Jewish Holiday

CodyCross Transports Group 118 Puzzle 4
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Music Emits From This In Cars, Stereo Systems
Anne Rice Is The Author Of Interview With A __
narrow Land Strips Connecting Two Larger Landmasses
notorious Colombian Druglord
Until 2016 Pixar Had Produced Seventeen __ Films
Used To Improve Signals
Rock Formed By Cooling Lava
Adhd: Attention __ Hyperactivity Disorder
Island Country, Home Of The Leprechaun
Plant With Broad Leaves Used As Salad
Area Next To The Outer Edges Of A Coat Of Arms
__ Malamutes Are Bred For Cold And Sledding
For A Short Period Of Time
Fastening, Securing, Joining Together

CodyCross Transports Group 118 Puzzle 5
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Strolling Balloon Vendors In Circus
Without Limits
Tubes That Connect Ovaries To Uterus
Darwin’s Evolution Islands
The Main Room Of A Royal Palace
The Time From Midday To Evening
German Actor Who Played Auric Goldfinger
Drawing A Pattern In A Hard, Flat Surface
A Room In Which Coats And Hats May Be Kept
Animated Tv Series Aimed For The Adult Audience
“white Gorgonzola” With A Hint Of Bitterness