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CodyCross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 1
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naval Commander In Chief Of A Large Fleet
French-inspired Olympic Sport Requires A Mask
Spoon For Straining Food, Eg. Vegetables
To Deviate From Normal Path, Go Another Way
Highest Mountain On The Planet
Garment Worn By Divers To Insulate The Skin
What One Should Do For The Worst
Adam Driver, __ In Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Canine, Latino Rapper Of 2014 World Cup
Agatha Christie’s Character: __ Poirot
__ Party, Overnight Kid’s Get Together
Pizza Topping Despised By Many
Goddess Of Love And Beauty In Hinduism

CodyCross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 2
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The 1st Phonograph Was Invented By Him In 1877
__ Of July, Date Of America’s Independence
Congressional __ Office, Aka Cbo, Nonpartisan
Linux Distribution Means “i Am Because Of You”
Olympic Canoeing Involves Sprints And __
__ Crabs Are Widely Known As Pets
Half The Length Of A Diameter
Paulo __, Brazilian Best-selling Author
Something Done Without Anyone Knowing
Permanent __ Is Tattooed On The Face
Pavel __, Russian, “davy Jones” Star Trek
Orange Vegetable Eaten Raw Or Cooked
Lucky __ Brings The Receiver Good Luck
__ Cleaner, Home Appliance, Cleans Carpets
Japanese Car Brand Of The Altima

CodyCross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 3
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State Created In 1948, After Wwii
First Mass Market Touchscreen Cell Phone
The Sport Or Act Of Fighting With The Fists
Carpal Tunnel Affects This Set Of Bones
Hill __ Blues, 80’s Police Serial Drama
__ Writing, Open Semantic; Writing With No Words
Queasy Feeling, Need To Vomit
Person Who Creates Visual Pieces
A Sugar __, A Gliding Possum That Is Kept As Pet
Money Pocket In Men’s Pants, Women’s Purses
Small Sharp Piece, Broken Off
Stuff Which Every Physical Thing Is Made From
Psychoactive Spineless Cactus Drug Aka Mescaline
__ Gaye, Smooth Singer Murdered By His Father
Beam Is The __ Width Of A Ship; The Midpoint
Popular Chip Dish Actually From Texas, Not Mexico
__ Out, A 2015 Animated Film About Emotions
Creature Part Tiger, Part Carp In Japanese Folklore
Small Underground Room, Usually To Store Wine
Large Metal Or Wooden Piece Carried For Protection

CodyCross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 4
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Literary Work That Defends Author’s Ideas
Houses Inhabited By Ghosts, Spirits
A Very Long Time Ago, Pre-roman Empire
German Luxury Car Brand
Anticoagulants Are Used To __ Blood Clots
Commander Of A Ship, Plane, Police
Spanish Sherry, Usually Medium Dry
Loud, Compressed Air At Sports Events
Rachel __, Sherlock Holmes Actress
Don’t Miss __, A Parker Brothers 1965 Board Game
__ Skies, Tv Show About An Alien Invasion
Appliance That Can Be Found In A Kitchen
Southern German Region Known For Oktoberfest
Points Of Spiritual Power Along The Body
They Assemble In Covens
Second Largest Moon On Neptune
__ Cichlids Are Also Called Mbuna Cichlids

CodyCross Transports Group 119 Puzzle 5
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natural Understanding Of Need
San __, City Famous For Its Suspension Bridge
Hides Blemishes, Dark Circles Under Eyes
Wife Of Perseus, Placed In The Stars After Death
Widely Planted Grape Helps Make Cognac
Stupid Person With Senseless Cranium
Place Where A Judge Works
Off Road Motorcycle Racing
Tough Flexible Tissue Found In Parts Of The Body
What Lisa Plays In The Simpsons
Person Who Does Routine Work In A Business Office
Canines That Protect Properties
Semi-precious Gemstone Similar To Sard
Two __ Of Verona, A Shakespeare’s Comedy
Shia Holy City, Baghdad Neighborhood
Golden __, Controversial Exit Payments For Ceos
Italian Film Director
Apply This In Rooms To Decorate Them
It Never Strikes The Same Place Twice
new Orleans Jazz Popular With White Musicians
Html: __ Markup Language
Battle Of __, Between The Hindu Kings And The Arabs