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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 21 Puzzle 1
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Popular Cocktail Allegedly Created In Mexico
Computer Electronic Circuit On Small Plate
Stimulating Action In Someone
Where The Highest Mountains Are
Spacecraft In Galaxy Quest
Hbo’s Sensual Version Of Vampire Genre
Founding Father Whose Son Was Also A President
Large Maze, Intricate Paths, Hard To Solve
Bacteria That Do Not Require Oxygen
Unscrupulous Tradesman
A Floating Residence
Meaning A Prosperous Or Flourishing Colony, “abad”
Occupation Of The Fictional Character Popeye
The Oldest Tennis Tournament In The World
Gentleman’s __, Aka Gq Magazine
Vertical Drop Like The Niagara Or Iguazu Falls

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 21 Puzzle 2
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Inventors Of The Gummy Bear
__ Pig: Small Rodent That Is Also A Pet
Mauricio __, Peruvian Politician
Everyone Related To You Is Your __
Tiny Nation Called “the Warm Heart Of Africa”
Fraternize With
Shallow Pond, Natural Or Artificial
James __, Actor, Filmmaker, Author, Speaker
Moses Separated This To Free His People
Us Rail System Is Run By This Group
Forza Motorsport 6 Is A __ Video Game

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 21 Puzzle 3
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Baseball Position Behind The Batter
Official Inquirer Into Violent Deaths
Center Mass Of A Cell, Holds Chromosomes
A Long Blade Attached To The Barrel Of A Gun
Transparent Quartz
Leo __, Author Of War And Peace
Tropical Mosquito-borne Disease; Deadly
Hostile To Rivalry; Worries About Unfaithfulness
Trading __, Reality Tv Show About Wife Swapping
Art Style Of 17th Century Europe
City Named After Founder Of Lost Roanoke Colony
A Bend In A Sinuous Watercourse Or River

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 21 Puzzle 4
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Tight-fitting Undergarment Worn By Ladies
A __ Was A Common Good Luck Charm In Egypt
To Take Something Away From A Place Or Area
Child’s Toy; Dangerous Desert Snake
Clear Protective Coating Put On Some Artwork
Helena __ Carter, Harry Potter Villain
Beverage Made With Eggs, Milk, Cream, And Sugar
A Watercourse Or Creek In An Arid Region
Wwii “windtalkers” Were From This Tribe
Genderless Term For Husband Or Wife
Lymphoid Organ Where T Cells Mature
A Sort Of Cajun-caribbean Blues

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 21 Puzzle 5
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nobleman Ranking Next Below An Earl
To Adorn Something With Ornaments
Science Of Animal Behavior
Type Of Cauliflower With Green Heads
Cable-stayed/suspension Bridge In New York City
Rubber Boots Worn In The Rain, Rainboots
Woodwind Instrument Used In Hungarian Music
A Large Area Of Land Covered With Ice
Star-shaped Animal, Can Regenerate Body Parts
Custom Device To Hold Teeth In Position
A Period Of Six Months
Unit Of Capacity For Spirits (63 Gallons)