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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 22 Puzzle 1
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Imaginative, Artistic
Estadio Santiago __, Madrid Royal Stadium
Legal, Political Drama About A Cheating Politician
Top Element Of Periodic Table
A Naked-eye Observation; __ Horse-riding
They Say He Played Possessed By The Devil
Cinema __, Film That Is A Homage To The Cinema
Fear Of Poison
Famous Yankee Nicknamed The Bambino
One Of The Great Lakes Of North America
Christian Expeditions To Jerusalem In Middle Ages

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 22 Puzzle 2
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Closely Trimmed Ribs Of Pork Or Sometimes Beef
Brass, Like A Tuba, Smaller, With A Second Bell
Dead Without A Will
Memorial And Museum In Oświęcim, Poland
Hollywood Dubbed Him The Man Of A 1000 Faces
St. __, Pre Er, Grey’s Anatomy Medical Drama
“sandbox” Building Video Game Of Textured Cubes
Estuarine __ Is The Largest Living Reptile
not The Author’s Real Name
American Health Supplements Brand
Heavily-visited Online Encyclopedia
Christian Holiday Celebrated 50 Days After Easter
Colorado __ Play Hockey At The Pepsi Center

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 22 Puzzle 3
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Mayor __, Springfield’s Corrupt Politician
Building Where Cars Are Parked
Round Container; Unit Of Measure
To Repeat Words From Memory; Related To Poetry
Invertebrate With Porous Body, No Organs
Mascara, Lipstick, Etc; Women Put On Their Faces
2015 Adam Sandler, Kevin James Movie
To Be Scared
Express Formal Consent To A Treaty Or Contract
Electronic Payment Services By Google, Samsung

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 22 Puzzle 4
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Ira And George __, Brothers And Songwriters
Fugu Is A __ Delicacy That Contains A Nerve Toxin
A Pattern Of Stars Recognized From Earth
A Chemical Element Listed On The Periodic Table
42.195 Km Race That Killed Its First Runner
Island In California That Used To Be A Prison
Something That Does Not Vary
Water Falling Over A Surface; Waterfall
It Keeps Hair In Place
Reality Show About People In The Wild Doing Tasks
Sound, Characters, Or Visual Cue To Gain Access

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 22 Puzzle 5
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Tube Used To Breathe Underwater
Bright Purple-red, Not Fuchsia
Occurs In A Specific Region Or Population
Eel-shaped, Slime-producing Fish
Walt __, American Poet
Set Of Kettledrums In An Orchestra
Eating These Can Help Fight Depression
not Up To __ = Unsatisfactory
Home Of Queen Elizabeth
People Who Are Able To Break Into Computers
Tv Show About A Family In Renaissance Italy
Sonar And Laser Are Examples Of This