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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 23 Puzzle 1
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__ Puncture, Spinal Fluid Removed, Spinal Tap
Puerto Rican Store Chain, Began In The Late 1950s
Someone Who Works In A Home
1960’s Solo Dance, Knees Bent, Palms Flat
Plants’ Waste Essential To Human Life
To Establish A Connection, Relationship, Reference
Berry Gordy’s Music Label
Death’s Walking Stick, Farming Tool
Safety Device In A Car
Polished Stone; Glass Ball Used In Games
Mutant Professor

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 23 Puzzle 2
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Singer/song Writer Of Candle In The Wind
nickname Of New Zealand’s Rugby Team
Fan Worms Strain Water Through Their __
The Spanish Painter Of Las Meninas
not Made Up Of Cells Or Complete Cells
Cooking Vessel Used For Preparing Cheesy Meal
One Of The Houses In The War Of The Roses
Pain Inside Your Mouth Usually From Teeth
Italian Sweet Bread Loaf Made For Christmas
Comic About Parenting Struggles
Greatest Film Director, In Bergman’s Opinion
Person Responsible For Where To Go On Boat
Large Prized Crab From Western Us
Graduating Law Students Earn A Juris __
Dog From The Underworld From Worldwide Mythology

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 23 Puzzle 3
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Blue Whales Are The __ Marine Animals
Jerry __, Gooding Jr. Shouted “show Me The Money”
When You Graduate High School, You Get A __
Egg-based Baked Dish; Means To Puff
Stiff Plastic Strand On A Toothbrush
Country In Europe, Berlin Is The Capital
__ Wrasse Cleans Parasites From Fish
Comic With Yellow Haired Woman, Dagwood
Japanese Technology Company, Laptops, Tvs
Palace Of The Moorish Kings In Seville, Spain
Grease __, Aircraft Mechanics
Henri __ Painted The Snail

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 23 Puzzle 4
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__, Or Seed Shrimp, Is A Tiny Crustacean In Oceans
Unit Of Measure Of Storage In A Computer
Operation Led By Germans To Assassinate Hitler
Weapon That Shoots An Arrow From A Stock
Someone Who Steers A Ship
Birth Country Of Singer Rihanna
Broadway Musical About Former American Statesman
A Small Deep Cooking Pot With A Handle
__ Chips And Salsa
Rio Soccer Stadium, Venue Of 1950 World Cup Final
Cousin To Dolphins With Different Nose And Teeth
Line That Goes From One Corner To The Opposite One

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 23 Puzzle 5
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When These Are Growing In, Babies Cry A Lot
Mechanical Marvel Used To Cut Yards
The Plucking Of Strings. Also Known As __
This Professional Keeps An Office Running
Staple Of Central American Cuisine Eaten With Rice
India’s Movie Industry
The Whole __
Extinct Giant Shark, Grew To 65 Feet Long
Long Car Used To Transport Important People
What A Company Needs To Pay; Opposite Of Asset
Ross Seals Are Only Found On The __ Ice
Capital Of Nepal
He Could Turn The Things He Touched Into Gold