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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 24 Puzzle 1
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Container For Carrying Water When Outdoors
__ Brown And Snoopy Are Inseparable
Samuel __, Real Name Of Author Mark Twain
Comedy With Warren Beatty As A Hairdresser
Very Intelligent Social Sea Mammal
Antagonist That Actually Means “farmhand”
The Science Or Study Of The Management Of Funds
__ In The Sun, Violent Femmes Hit
The __ Link, Tv Game Show First Appeared In The Uk
A Closed Space, Usually A Bedroom
A Passage Or Path
The Giant Squid Is One Of The Largest __

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 24 Puzzle 2
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Alaska Was Purchased From This Country
Doctor Who’s Lifetime Enemies
High Fidelity And Say Anything Star, John __
Long Romantic Song
Connected To The Internet
Leafy Herb Can Be Used Like Lettuce
Vertical Support, Usually Decorative Pillar
nemertea; __ Worms Or Proboscis Worms
Large Endangered Marine Mammal; Sea Cow
He Serves Food To People
Congresswoman Nancy __

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 24 Puzzle 3
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French Pastry, Puffy Bread
Inigo __, A Main Character In The Princess Bride
Landlocked Country In African Great Lakes Region
Device Used To Light Up An Area, With Oil
Tom Cruise, __ Impossible Actor
Cisco __, Company Sells Networking Equipment
This Rock Monarch Sang About A Blue Christmas
Crustaceans In The Ocean, Similar To Pillbugs
Homo __, Primate About 3/4 Size Of Humans
Us Acquired Philippines In The __ American War
Arctic Whale With Long Tusk On Its Head
Waves That Disappear Quickly

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 24 Puzzle 4
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Fruit; Staple In Desserts; Flavoring For Drinks
Figurative Colombian Artist, __ Fischer
Right-hand Side Of A Vessel On The Sea
In A Play, A Member Of The Audience
Movement Of A Limb Away From Your Body
Great Lakes State Known As “america’s Dairyland”
Abstinence Is A __ Restraint
Happening Too Soon Or Earlier Than Usual
The Central Criminal Court
Type Of Coding Used To Create Links
To Catch, Seize, Arrest

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 24 Puzzle 5
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Form Of Baseball Played With A Larger Ball
What Shouldn’t Be Mixed With Pleasure
non-commissioned Army Officer
Crustaceans With A Blueish Shell, Popular In The Ne
This Beatles’ Wife Was Stolen By Eric Clapton
Lighter Than Air Item, Balloon
__ Seals Have Large, Long Noses
Where Wealthy Take Their Money To Pay Less Taxes
Country In Western Africa, Capital Is Yaounde
novel By Betty Smith, A Tree Grows In __