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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 25 Puzzle 1
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Small Fish Eaten On Pizza And Other Foods
Jacksonville __ Play At Everbank Field
Boulevard, Public Garden, Park Having A Walkway
Feeling When All Hope Is Lost
Rupophobia Is The Fear Of __ Or Dirt
A Container In Which Food Is Cooked With Hot Vapor
One Horned, Mythical Horse
Samuel __, Irish Avant-garde Playwright
George Bush, The Father, Middle East Conflict
Sabre-__ Tiger, Well-known Extinct Animal
Specialty Item Worn On A Necklace Or Brooch
Eels Are Long-bodied Fish That Live In __ Waters
Without Help, Relief, Assistance

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 25 Puzzle 2
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All Things That Occur In A Certain Environment
Someone Paid To Drive A Luxury Vehicle
Cryptid Creature From East Africa
She Was Killed By An Asp Bite
nbc Action Series About An Amnesiac
Garment Worn Under A Skirt Or A Dress
Conspiracy Thriller Film With Nicolas Cage In 1998
Antonym Of Literacy
A Small Entrance Hall Or Anteroom, Lobby
Tropical Perch-like Animal, Feeds On Jellyfish
Blockbuster Based On Mario Puzo’s Novel
name Given To An Espresso With Added Water
It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And __
Spelunking Is __ Caves

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 25 Puzzle 3
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Cord Used To Secure The Edges Of Shoes
Midwest Natural Disaster Of 1930s
Facial Expression Created With Computer Keyboard
A Position And Form Of Affection Between Two People
Sons And Daughters Of Human Parents
World’s Largest Auditing Firm, Tax Experts
King __, Or Kingfish, Food Fish In The Atlantic
Greatest Dog Sled Race In The World
Early 20th Century Short Documentary
Birthplace Of Mick Jagger And Keith Richards
Tropical Fish With Dragon-like Fins And Eyes
A Death In War Time Is A __ Of War
One That Creates A New Product Style
To Coerce, Make, Obligate

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 25 Puzzle 4
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Country Bordered By Congo, Zambia And Namibia
Serious Disease Also Astrological Sign
__ Davis, A Pirate
__ Name, Used To Create A Web Page
Bugs Bunny Is On __ Tunes
A Condition To Guide Present And Future Decisions
Muscle In The Mouth, Contains Taste Buds
Place In A Military Camp Where Weapons Are Kept
Scissors Used To Cut Lambs Wool
To Push Or Force Someone To Do Something
__ Fish Have Wing-like Pectoral Fins
Large Piece Of Property; Elaborate House
Greek Monster Who Could Turn People Into Stone

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 25 Puzzle 5
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__ Arcimboldo, Italian Portrait Painter
Wrote Gulliver’s Travels, __ Swift
Widening Of A Blood Vessel, Can Rupture
Jar Or Box In A Kitchen To Hold Flour, Etc
Species Of Tuna Highly Prized
Marine Carnivores Like Seals And Walruses
Baby Transport Contraption
The __, Movie Soundtrack Included Mrs. Robinson
They Are Informally Called Ice
Jewish Holiday Of 8 Days And 8 Presents
Manager Of A School, Film, Production
Paper Item For Mailing A Letter In
People Watching A Performance