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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 26 Puzzle 1
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Keyboard Made To Be Superior To Standard One
We Exhale __ Dioxide
Largest Rainforest In The World
Items For Choosing, Something That Can Be Picked
Peter __ Bought Manhattan Island From The Indians
Leafy Sea __ Has Seaweed-like Camouflage
Mr. Hyde’s Medical Counterpart
__ Girl, Tv Show About A Mysterious Blogger
In Finances, A __ Asset Can Be Converted Into Cash
Meal That Serves As Both Breakfast And Lunch
Guggenheim Architect, Frank Lloyd __
To Reach A Conclusion From The Evidence Shown

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 26 Puzzle 2
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Reading Of Someone’s Future From Hand Lines
Traditional Beer Mug, Common In Germany
Interest Leading To Inquiry
Child Sacrifice Done By The Incas During Famine
Aum __, Japanese Doomsday Cult
Person In A Business In Charge Of Money
Lance __, Former American Cyclist
This Gum Is More Known For Helping Addicts
Structure Built Between Nevada And Arizona States
Bright Orange Fish With White Stripes, Nemo
Former Us Host Of Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Pasta Made In Solid Sticks

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 26 Puzzle 3
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Someone Born To Your Aunt Or Uncle
Rugby Event With Less Than Half Of Normal Players
To Lie Or Sit In A Relaxed Position, Spread Out
__ Fish Have Long, Thin Bodies, Long Jaws
Mcdonald’s Classic With Its Own Song
__ Canal, Connects The Atlantic And Pacific Oceans
Computer Key Allows You To Flee
Someone Training For A Position, Unpaid
Prawns Are Usually __ Than Normal Shrimp
Base Of Kronos And Titans During Titanomachy War
San Simeon, Ca National Landmark, __ Castle

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 26 Puzzle 4
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Island Country In Pacific, Capital Is Majuro
Milla __, Actress Of Resident Evil
Small, Rectangular-shaped Gem
Black __, American Civil Rights Group
Spoken Primarily In The Kashmir Valley
Called Hickey In America
Don’t Open This Indoors
Yellowish Skin Caused By High Bilirubin Levels
Predator Fish From Australia’s Rocky Shores
Univ. Of Cincinnati __ Play At Nippert Stadium
Free From War, Strife, Commotion, Or Violence
Small Andean Stringed Instrument
Cod Are Food Fish Found In The __ Ocean

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 26 Puzzle 5
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Song Turned Into A Hit By Aretha Franklin
Wide-mouthed Construction Equipment
George S. __, A Bright Broadway Playwright
Baked Dessert With Filling And Covered With Batter
Hole Formed By The Wave Action Of The Sea
Put This Over A Wound To Help It Heal
Papal Home, Landlocked Nation
Also Known As A Teamster, Truck __
Love Interest Of Pip In Great Expectations
Bright Red-orange; A Player In The Game Clue
Very Thoughtful, Usually Sad