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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 27 Puzzle 1
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Feeling Cold, Shivering, Usually With A Fever
This Flat State Is Known As The Jayhawk State
Type Of Antelope In Africa, Also A Type Of Car
Method Of Preparing Meat; Preserved; Cured
__ Counter Is Used To Detect Radiation
House __, Prisoner In One’s Own Home
Scooby’s Human Pal, Yikes!
An Artist’s Lifework
Special Right Of Inventors To Make Or Sell An Item
Queen Conch Is A Large __ Sea Snail
Two-shelled Mollusk, Found On Shoreline Rocks
Hair Style Of Native Americans And Punk Rockers
Jewish Prophet Who Gave His Name To A Book
Woman With Snakes On Her Hair In Greek Mythology
Blues Royalty With Two Initials In His First Name

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 27 Puzzle 2
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Device That Cooks Food By Exposing It To Radiation
npc Means Non-player __
Us Salad Made With Eggs, Meat, Cheese And Lettuce
The Tree Jack Climbed In The Fairy Tale
A Means Of Guaranteeing Protection Or Safety
Unit Of The Metric System, Not Mile
This Saint Is Celebrated Every February In The Us
Rebel Slave Leader Who Fought Against The Romans
Ground Force Unit With Two Or More Companies
Prime Meridian Used As Reference For Maps
__ Ship: Designed To Carry Cargo
Central Michigan __ Play In Mt Pleasant Michigan
Draw With Small Dots

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 27 Puzzle 3
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Two Or More Atoms Combined Chemically
__ Is The Largest Ray In The Oceans
Important City In The Mayan Classical Period
Discontinue Little By Little
Full-contact Combat Sport, Precursor Of Ufc
Where Kelly Ripa Met Her Husband, All My __
Skillful Strategies For Military Movements
Chinese Art Of Arranging Objects For Well-being
__ Huston, Star Of The Addams Family
Cut Food Into Tiny Pieces, Like Matchsticks

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 27 Puzzle 4
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Western Drama Series Based In Dodge City
City In Nevada Sung By Elvis Presley
A Task Easy To Accomplish
Amusement Park “home” To Scare And Amuse
Long-handled Bartending Utensil
Supreme Leader Of Iran In 2016 Ali __
Building Where Business Is Done
Feeling Of Compassion Or Pity For Someone
Scrabble Is A __ For Two To Four Players
Mollusk With Spiral Shell And Tentacles
narrow Topographic Depressions On The Sea Floor
Wine To Which Soda Water Is Added
A Male That’s Nice To Look At
Continuous Movement Of Seawater That Creates Waves
Fear Of Jumping From High Places: __phobia

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 27 Puzzle 5
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Post Civil War Western Series At The Ponderosa
This Horizontal Line Cuts The Earth In Half
Reverend __, Springfield’s Pastor
Your Parent’s Father
Tom __, Rage Guitarist, Harvard Graduate
Accumulated Wealth For Business
49ers Legendary 1980s Quarterback
Mary Poppins Starred Dick __ As The Male Lead
__ Of Heaven, Ancient Chinese Governing Belief
A Sign Of An Illness Or Disease
Edible Sea Snail