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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 28 Puzzle 1
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The Capital Of Turkey
Black __, Dark Weekday After Thanksgiving
Pickle Condiment, Or To Enjoy Some Memories
Sleepy __ Was Directed By Tim Burton In 1999
Queensland __ Has Comb-like Teeth
Millions Speak This Language In Western Africa
Football League Intended For Young Children
Sea __ Are Circular And Covered In Long Spines
neil __, Stated Obvious About Breaking Up
Something You Cast Your Vote On
Feel Unhappy About Someone’s Actions

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 28 Puzzle 2
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Mrs __, Movie Starring Robin Williams
Electric Cord Makes It Easier To Use Appliances
To Fall Off A Ship
Someone Who Maintains A Website
Acting On The Spur Of The Moment
Sweet Board Game Invented By Polio Victim
Mcdonald’s Menu Option, All Day __
A Dictionary Of Geographical Names
Pirate Port In Jamaica
Popular Team Sport In Asian Countries
Conflict Involving Greeks, A Woman And A Horse
The Lark __, V. Williams Piece For Violin
Pogo Is A Possum And Albert An __
Long, Slender Fish Found In The Pacific Ocean
French Writer Of The Naturalistic School

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 28 Puzzle 3
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Popular Fish In The U.s.
Mollusc With Eight Tentacles
Samurai Sacred Rules
Bush, The Son, Got This Iraqi Dictator
Outer Part Of The Ear With Large Blood Supply
Place Where Foods Are Put Into Containers
Several Shrubs, Honeysuckle
Members Of Lds Church
Failure To Attend A Class
The Most Grumbling Of The Marx Brothers
He Painted The Three Dancers

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 28 Puzzle 4
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Sand Timer; Body Type
Old-timer, Senior Citizen, Elderly Person
The Whales That Sing
Greatest Figure In Russian Romanticism
Believes In Introducing Reforms Gradually
Main Incan Deity Who Created All Living Things
David Bowie, The __ Of Rock
Self Employed Worker Of Temporary Projects
A System Of Living Organisms; A Barrier
Dish Typical From Southern States Made With Maize
Small Southern African Nation Ruled By Monarch

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 28 Puzzle 5
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Most Common Pitch In Baseball
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The __
Process Of Producing Books, Etc By Using Machinery
On Site Journalist
Famous Stock Market Index First Published In 1885
Quedagh __, Indian Ship Captured By William Kidd
Saying Hello To Someone
A French Delicacy
Most Common Type Of Household Battery
__ Dead, Band That Had Bears As Mascots
Place Where Prescriptions Are Filled
Anna __, Character Who Commits Adultery
Equipment For Breathing Underwater
Black Cat Said To Haunt The Scottish Highlands
__ Teeth Are Also Called Premolars
Where Military Members Live On Base
Superficial Compliance With The Law
Denoting Grammatical Person, A __ Pronoun