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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 29 Puzzle 1
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Musical Instrument With A Small, Key-shaped Frame
Significant City In Ancient Mesopotamia
Person Who Works For The Army
When One Thing Partially Covers Another
Southwestern Us , Northern Mexican Desert
Superman Home Planet, Noble Gas
A Popular Way Of Dressing During A Particular Time
Patrick __, France’s 2014 Nobel Of Literature
Mackerel Is A Food Fish With __ Backs
Equestrian Car Seat Restrains And Supports
Related To The Dugong, Large Sea Mammal
Roman Goddess Of Wisdom And Divine Counsel

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 29 Puzzle 2
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To Actively Not Notice Someone Or Something
Bright Bird, Usually Yellow Or Orange With Black
Comes From A Greek Word Meaning Choice
2015 James Bond Star, __ Craig
Ren And __ Loved Toilet Humor And Craziness
Plural Of Leaf, Pile Of Them Off A Tree
Sacramento Is Capital Of The __ State
__ Island, South African Prison That Held Mandela
Water __, Appliance That Makes Warm Showers Possible
__ Dodger, Oliver Twist Pickpocketer
Moveable Symbol To Show Where Pointer Is
Casts Protect __ Or Fractured Bones
Handgun With Only One Chamber
To Hear What Someone Is Saying Closely Attend

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 29 Puzzle 3
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__ Crusoe, Novel By Daniel Defoe
Small Onions, Used In The Same Way As Regular Ones
Latin Term Often Used To Refer To Another Self
Marky Mark __, Actor, Singer, Rapper, Model
__ Gymnastics, Sport With Balls, Hoops And More
name Given To An Abnormal Curvature Of The Spine
Road Going Over Another
Coral Live In __ And Make Up The Reefs
Mlk Was Huge Fan Of This Science Fiction Tv Series
Amusement Park Attraction Aka Log Ride
Data That Proves The Facts
Sea __ Is A Squishy, Sausage-shaped Animal

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 29 Puzzle 4
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Scientist Known For Lectures On Physics
The Wicked Witch Of The West In A Broadway Musical
Barophobia: Fear Of __
Country Bordered By China, Laos And Cambodia
Child-eating Hobgoblin From Celtic Mythology
Eternal Vigilance Is Its Price
Allows Coaches A Moment To Talk With Players
20th __ Fox
Freedom From Vanity Or Boastfulness
Strong Mexican Liquor, Reality Tv Star Surname
Big Mouth, Stubby Fish That Can Change Its Sex
Organic Matter Being Recycled, Usually A Heap

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 29 Puzzle 5
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Web __, Programmer Of The Www
Charlie And The __ Factory Staring Johnny Depp
Father Of Liberalism, Inspired Us Revolution
Ramallah Is The Administrative Center Of __
Folding Fan Knife With Two Handles Aka Balisong
This Butter Substitute Can’t Be Yellow In Missouri
Vague, Uncertain
Wooden, Romantic Cutlery
A Rock And Roll Festival And A Peanuts Character
Etymologically, Out Of Breath
Mickey Mouse First Appeared In __ Willie
Underwater Vessel