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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 30 Puzzle 1
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First Name Of Prodigious Composer
__ Woolf, Known For Stream Of Consciousness Writings
Hector’s Little Son Thrown From A Rock
Super Smart Person; Superman’s Android Foe
__ Theft, Stealing Someone’s Information; A Crime
Fop, Dandy
Pittsburgh __ Colors Are Navy Blue And Gold
These Lines Will Never Cross
Teeth That Are Between Canines And Molars
Frying Appliance Uses Hot Air, Not Oil
Wax Used In Pedicures And Manicures
Hake Is A __ With A Long Body And Large Head
Buildings And Land Taken By A Business Concern
This Game Is Known As Checkers In The Us

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 30 Puzzle 2
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The __ Race: A World Racing Competition
Large Seal With Ears, Not Actually A Feline
Medicine Used For Pain And To Thin Blood
Japanese Drum With A Wooden Shaped Body
Hurricane __ Devasted New Orleans In 2005
Timetables, Programs, Dockets, Schedules
City Where The Nba Was Founded In 1946
Meet The Fockers And Zoolander Actor, Ben __
A Symbol Of Judaism Since Ancient Times
Invasions, Raids
File Hosting Service
To Share A Ride
School’s Caretaker, Normally Locks Things Up
One Fourth Of A Year
Dry White Wine From Burgundy
To Not Care For, Ignore

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 30 Puzzle 3
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Violent Conflict, Fighting
Widely Cultivated Legume; Makes A Famous Butter
__ Seals Are Small, Earless, Live In Arctic
nautical Unit Of Length; To Understand Something
Application That Communicates With A Remote Server
To Perturb, Upset, Dishearten, Daunt
__ Break, Fox Tv Show About Escaping From Jail
__ Goose And Grimm, With Ralph, Attila
Crown Of __ Is A Large Starfish That Eats Coral
Flowers Naturally Associated With The Netherlands
Randy __ One Of The Best Known Film Composers
__ Dumpty, English Nursery Rhyme About Eggs

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 30 Puzzle 4
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Jellystone’s Most Infamous Bear
Braiding Of Narrow Strips, Crop Hair Style
Government’s Finance And Taxation Department
Small Furry Mammal From North Pacific
Medieval Play About The Birth Of Jesus
Spiders And Similar Creepy-__
Agent, Something Causing Diseases
Stationary Metal Plates, Hit By Hammers For Sound
“jumping” Frying, Usually With Vegetables
Culture Responsible For First Written Language
Father Of Linguistics And Developer Of Sign Theory
Sardine, Or __, Small, Oily Fish, Live In Schools
Mad __, Not So Festive Gathering With Hatted Man
Motion Before Criminal Case
Washington __ Play Football At Fedexfield

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 30 Puzzle 5
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According To The Saying, What Beggars Mustn’t Be
Torpedo-looking Fish In The Pike Family
Enrique __, Spanish Composer Of Goyescas
Capital Of Syria
On The Day After Today
Sea __ Are Huge Creatures In Many Different Forms
International __ Fund, Aka Imf
Philly’s Weird Looking Baseball Green Mascot
Alvin, The __, Is The Lead Singer Of His Group
Italian Artist And Inventor, __ Da Vinci
Tailor-made Costume For Women
Gigantic, Huge, A __ Effort