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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 31 Puzzle 1
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Roaming About Stealthily
Automotive Doctor Often Covered In Grease
Mobster Who Crumbled To Tax Evasion
__ Of God, Religious Movement Aka The Family
Small Coral Reef Fish With Spines, Tropical Fish
Wealthy Older Woman In Dicken’s Great Expectations
There Is No Place __
Spanish Vegetable Soup
Balkan Capital On The Danube River
Tiny Marine Organism, Spongebob’s Nemesis

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 31 Puzzle 2
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Conch Is A Shellfish With Large __ Shell
Winnie’s Low-energy Burro Friend
Lingua __, Also Known As Trade Language
Arrhythmia Is An Abnormal Heart __
Lone Star Capital, Midwestern Music Hub
__ Heller, American Novelist Who Wrote Catch-22
Solid Floor Or Bottom Of The Ocean
Insect Known For Its Short Life, Only In Us
not Formal
Large Citrus Fruit, Great For Juice
Thick Sideburns, __ Chops
Small Fork Used For Eating __ At Wine Tastings

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 31 Puzzle 3
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In 1908 Proposed The Term Schizophrenia
Large Metal Plates Struck Together Or With A Stick
Centers For __ Control And Prevention
Etch A Design Into A Harder Object, Usually Names
Prolific English Writer Of Science Fiction
You Can’t Teach Them New Tricks
Creator Of Left Leaning Doonesbury, Garry __
Keeps Electric Parts Of A Car Going
Oral Or Written Description Of Events
Vizier To Djoser, Healer God
Title Of Ancient Indian Emperor
Waterfalls On The Us-canada Border
Sour Liquid Used For Pickling And In Dressings

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 31 Puzzle 4
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Baseball Player Known As The Iron Horse
Holiday Celebrated On December 25
They Cling To You, Even Against Your Will
“gamma Plus” Home Of The Hornets And Panthers
Fear Of Your Home
no Where To Go In Chess
American Actor Who Died Prematurely In 1955
Area Where Land And Water Meet
Substance Created By Mold That Damages The Liver
Remains Of A Ship That Crashed

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 31 Puzzle 5
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Water Spirit In The Form Of A Horse
Edgar Allan Poe’s Favorite Football Club
Ruud __, Captained Dutch, 1988 Euro Winning Squad
Changes The Sound Of A Vowel, In German
__ Games, Trilogy Of Books Later On Big Screen
Ruling Government In Power
“spam” Is Short For __ Ham
Japanese Gangster Or Member Of A Crime Syndicate
Biblical Character Whose Power Rested In His Hair
nerve Layer In The Back Of The Eye
Tower Built For 1889 World’s Fair In Paris