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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 32 Puzzle 1
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__ De Goya Painted Witches’ Sabbath
A Small Bag Worn With A Strap Around The Waist
Licensed Dental Professional; Teeth Cleaning
Plastic Popular In Pipes Aka Pvc
Sega __ Was The First 128-bit Console In Market
Pirates Of The __: The Curse Of The Black Pearl
Too Eager To Offer Advice Not Asked For
Distance Event Includes Running, Swimming, Biking
Mecca Of American Country Music
Wiener __, A Well-known Austrian Dish
A Change To A Constitution, Us Has 27
Papillae That Sense Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 32 Puzzle 2
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Croat Capital On Sava River
Course Of Planks On A Ship, Hull, Deck, Etc
Sixth Amendment Gives Right To This Type Of Trial
Group Of Sports Teams That Compete
The Town Where Batman Lives
Popular Social Media, Blogging Website
Josef __, Soviet Leader During World War Ii
All White Whale With No Dorsal Fin
Mother Or Father
Blanket-like Cloak From South America
Person Or Company That Sells Items
Modest Or Meek, Usually A Coveted Quality
Ship Or Boat; A Drinking Container

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 32 Puzzle 3
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name Of Edward And Bella’s Daughter In Twilight
Broadway’s Modern Operas
__ Zone Is The Shore Around A Body Of Water
Where Gasoline Is Placed In An Automobile
Indian Tribe Subjected To Trail Of Tears
Group Of Young Actors In Teen Movies In The 1980s
Davy Jones’s Locker
Face Disappears Behind Hands In This Child’s Game
nature-worshipping Religion
Legal, World’s Most Popular Drug
It Takes Him 10 Years To Come Back From The War

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 32 Puzzle 4
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Only Living Language Derived From Doric Greek
Loudspeaker For Low Bass Frequencies
Conscientious __ Refuse To Perform Military Service
Keyboard Key Commonly Known As “and” Sign
A Vessel Designed To Carry Goods
Sport Event, Grand Prize In French
Sarah __, Comedian With Controversial Doctor Joke
Followers Of The Church Of England
Area Of Land Surrounded On Three Sides By Water
Study Of Celestial Objects For Information

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 32 Puzzle 5
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__fish Swims Vertically To Blend In
Roller __, Amusement Park Mainstay
Capital Of Brunei, Bandar Seri __
Thermodynamic Variables As Temperature
The End Of A Marriage
Ultimate Goal In Nhl, __ Cup
__ Millionaire, Won The Oscar In 2009
To Violently Burst, Fly Into Pieces, Break Up
Purchase At Less Than Usual Cost
Dom __, Actor, Comedian, Chef, Director
Selective __; Every Man From 18 To 26 Must Enroll
Rubber Container Filled With Helium Or Air
Female Cone Shaped Hairstyle Aka B-52
Room Or Area Where Food Is Prepared And Cooked
Arabic Mathematical System
Someone Who Sells Items In The Street
Lower Part Of A River Where It Meets The Sea