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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 33 Puzzle 1
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Google’s Parent Company
Tracks That Trains Run On
Game Of Vertical Tiles And Physical Questions
Small Mammal Known For Curling Up In A Ball
Ocean Comprising The Southernmost Waters
Singer Known For Her Bizarre Sense Of Fashion
Oceanic Trench Noted For Its Very Abrupt Slope
Single Handed Axe, Long Range Missile
Old Dominion __ Play Football On Foreman Field
Resist Change Stubbornly
A Certain Feline Who Hates Mondays
Comes From Greek Words For Bad And Star

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 33 Puzzle 2
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Holy __, Sacrament For Bishops, Priests, Deacons
__ Ducks Play Football At Autzen Stadium
Square Root Of 144
__ Nyong’o, Won An Oscar For 12 Years A Slave
Robinson __, Daniel Defoe Novel About Shipwreck
13 Instead Of 12 Units Round Up A Dozen For __
Former Rebel Who Became Zimbabwe’s Head Of State
Steve Carell And Ricky Gervais Starred In The __
Planet With A Distinct Ring Around It
Largest Mammals In The World
Japanese Comic Books
Cuban Cocktail Of White Rum And Lime Juice
Short Female Hair Style Cut At The Jaw
Arid, Bare Region With Little Rain Or Vegetation
The Main Meal Of The Day
To Offer Counsel, Opinion, Suggestions

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 33 Puzzle 3
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First Latin American Pope
Being Or Seeming To Be Without Limits
Tiger Sharks Are Large And Have Dark __
Someone Who Carries Luggage To People’s Rooms
Pirate Known As Black Sam
Diabolical Boiled Egg Dish
In Mythology She Is Linked To A Box
Etiquette Blunder, Embarassing Social Mistake
City’s Teams Include Tigers And Other Giant Cat
Decree, Declare, Pronounce Formally
__ Endearment, Won The Academy Awards In 1984

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 33 Puzzle 4
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Devoted Love, Worship
Jason Was The Commander Of The __
Unexpected Piece Of News
Fictional Brit Spy Better Known By Three Digits
Large Fish Known For Its Teeth And Aggression
A Box Of Matches, In Days Of Yore
Typical Irish Food Made With Sodium Bicarbonate
Your Handwritten Name On A Line
__ Catch, Tv Show In Search Of Alaskan King Crab
Russian Instrument, Triangle With Guitar Neck
Capt Scott’s Antarctic Ship
Unable To Conceive Children
Lines Of Longitude

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 33 Puzzle 5
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Firefox Was Developed By This Company
Game Knocking Balls Through Metal Wickets
Bucharest Is The Capital Of __
Large Red Crustacean, Two Claws, Delicacy In Us
Another Term For Frying Pan
Long Decorated Stick Carried By A Sovereign
Anti-corruption, Pro-cleveland Politician In 1880s
Time Between Flights Before Final Destination
A Messenger Who Transports Goods Or Documents
Persian Painter From Isfahan, __ Farshchian
Low-pitched Wind Instrument