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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 34 Puzzle 1
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__ Of Proof, Responsibility Of Accuser To Prove
__ Kingdom, Disney’s Nature Park, Zoo
Attests Who You Are
Whaler Ship Featured In Moby-dick
Anagram Of Finder
Home Of Norsemen And “nobel” Men
Land Plowed And Left Alone For A Season
Mozzarella __, Fried Us Snack To Dip In Sauce
Protective Covering For The Head
Solid Surface To Stand On; Land, Earth
Jp __, Investment Bank With Long History
Jamie __, British Celebrity Chef; The Naked Chef
2016 Slang For Hard Core, Badass
Felix __ , Animated Series About A Black Feline
Women Singing In The Sea

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 34 Puzzle 2
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A Person Who Is Proficient In Sports
Jawless Fish, Eel Like, Sucks Blood From Animals
Milk Powder Comes In Chocolate And Strawberry
Feverish Condition
__ Shark Is An Aggressive Species In Warm Oceans
Travelling For Pleasure
Means Of Transportation With Two Wheels
One __ And One Dalmatians, A Disney Animation
James __, Considered Father Of The Constitution
Short But Comprehensive Explanation
Thick As __

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 34 Puzzle 3
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The __ Zone, Tv Show Consisting Of Various Tales
French Form Of The Ojibwa Word “mishigamaa”
“juiced” Eel You Don’t Want To Touch
For A Kid, The Sound A Train Makes
Fear Of Being Tied Up Is __phobia
The Act Of Looking Out For The Welfare Of Others
__ Kant, Renowned German Philosopher
Recurrent Headache That Is Often Very Painful
__ Buddha Is Especially Lucky For Wealth
Travel Book That Is Technically Government Property
Christian Group That Celebrates Christmas In January
This Band’s Lead Singer Married Gwenyth Paltrow
In Ip Address, The P Stands For Internet __
Competed For The First Time At The 2016 Olympics
Hope __ Makes The Heart Sick

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 34 Puzzle 4
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Leader Of A Committee Or Board
Famous Undersea Explorer Succeded By His Son
First Female Secretary Of State
Same As Boldface
Brown Spice Used In Baking, Drinks, And Desserts
Someone In Charge Of Renting Places
Frequent Visitors
Chemical Element Meaning Heavy Stone In Swedish
2016 Slang For Really Good, On Point
Dress With Small Shoulder Straps; Worn In Summer
Close Combat Between Armed Aircraft
Long Computer Key That Moves The Cursor
Land Along The Sea Or Ocean
Long Necked Lute From Modern Greece

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 34 Puzzle 5
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Leader Of The Tibetan Buddhists
Doctor’s Identification Of An Illness, Disease
Very Large Indeed
Prominent Us Author From 1920s, Lost Generation
Organ Of A Worm Or Spider Emitting Silk
System Where All The People Have Equal Rights
The Outermost Part Of The Earth’s Atmosphere
Works With Law; Not In The Level Of A Lawyer
What One Should Do To Be Lost
Sea Between India, Maldives, Lakshadweep
Donovan Vietnam Era Song, __ Soldier
Supply Needed For A Specific Purpose
Burn Scented Oils Aka Diffusers
Pharaoh’s Wife Who Started A Revolution In Egypt
Something That Is Unclear, Not Exact
Founder Of Ford Motor Company
“__ Is The Mother Of Invention”
70s Romantic Comedy Starring Allen And Keaton
Overall; Made Usually Of Blue Denim