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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 35 Puzzle 1
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Reluctant To Give Or Spend; Hoarding
Beach Currency, Sand __
Rules That Dictate The Structure Of Sentences
__ Private Ryan, Wwii Drama Directed By Spielberg
Tv Show Centered In A Hip-hop Company
Largest City In The Bahamas
Reanimated Corpse That Feeds On Human Flesh
Item Worn By Babies On Their Rears
Akinetic Means Loss Of __ Ability To Move Muscles
True Colors Singer, Cyndi __

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 35 Puzzle 2
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Circus Act With Muscular Performer
Shiitake And Portobello Are Edible Types Of __
Sport Where Balls Are Thrown And Must Be Avoided
Ergophobia Is The Fear Of The __
City Where Country Music Hopefuls Flock
Formal Word For The Term Pirate
Chronic Liver Damage, Result Of Alcoholism
Sea Monster Referred In The Old Testament
Deputy Sheriff, Gunslinger At The O.k. Corral
A Yacht Or Other Boat With Twin Hulls In Parallel
Last Name Of The Main Character In Star Wars

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 35 Puzzle 3
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A Well-known Native-american Tribe
Study Of Soil, Natural Environment
Viral Infection That Causes A Painful Rash
__ And Cheese, Thomas Jefferson’s Favorite Meal
Winged Creature That Comes Alive From Stone
Small Unimportant Details
Ball Game Similar To Baseball
Agatha __, Also Known As The Queen Of Crime
Month In Which The U.s. Has Its Shortest Day
Long And Narrow Land Next To The Ocean
British City Best-known For Its Cathedral
Person Who Buys Goods And Services
Made Of Clay That Has Been Hardened By Heat
Have Eased Worry Or Anxiety
Olive __ Is An Extremely Poisonous Swimming Serpent
A Room Or Compartment With A Toilet And Washbasin

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 35 Puzzle 4
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Biggest Ocean On The Planet
Medium-sized Cat With Beautiful Spots
The __, Launched Donny And Marie’s Careers
King Arthur’s Castle, Court
George __, Won An Oscar For Syriana
Strongly Worded Conviction; Disapproval
To Afflict With Great Bodily Or Mental Suffering
Minnesota __ New Stadium Was Built In 2016
Large Wave Caused By Underwater Earthquake
Charles __, Notable Writer Of The Victorian Era
Long Upper Bone In Your Arm, Above The Elbow
Equipped With Talent Or Quality; Money, Resources
That’s How Moses Crossed The Red Sea
Magical Influence; To Bewitch An Item
Someone Who Has A Deep Knowledge Of A Subject
Legume Used To Make Milk For Those Allergic

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 35 Puzzle 5
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Famous Recording Studio Located In London
Large Ship Used To Carry Oil
To Make Someone Feel Self-conscious
Morpheus In The Matrix; Csi Actor, Laurence __
Bare One’s Sword
A Person Who Works With Books
Beginning Of A Drive In Football, Initial Attempt
Study Of Sound, Mechanical Waves
Muslim Cleric
Post Carnival Celebration Ash __