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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 36 Puzzle 1
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Hero Who Killed The Minotaur
new York __ Play At Madison Square Garden
Large, Pale Antelopes From North Africa
The Mysterious Final Word Of Charles Foster Kane
To Cheer, Clap; Show Approval Or Praise
Gem-quality Olivine
Items With Lenses Worn On The Eyes To See Better
Fear Of __ Is Kopophobia
Someone Torn By An Inner Conflict
Simon And Garfunkel Paradoxical Song, Sound Of __
A Very Large Piece Of Ice Floating In The Ocean
A Term For Newspaper, The Phoenix __
Item Or Service A Business Offers
African Leader Was Jailed For 27 Years
Kitchen Utensil To Mix Ingredients In High Speed

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 36 Puzzle 2
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Italian Word For Writings On Walls
Colombo Is The Capital Of __
Us Car Brand Now Controlled By Fiat
The Texas __ Massacre, A Cult Horror Movie
Right To Privacy Justice, “the People’s Lawyer”
A Piece Of Garment Used By Women
Venomous Fish, Red And White Stripes And Spines
Folk Instrument; Smaller Guitar
Clean, Sharp Edged Cut; Usually Surgical
Protective Covering Found On Mollusks

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 36 Puzzle 3
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Constitution, Character, Complexion, Personality
Sufficient Amount For The Purpose Needed
Bowler’s First Goal; All Ten Pins In One Roll
Shrunken Cucumber With A Sour Taste
Large White Dog Breed Native To Turkey
Professional Whose Fingers Travel 12.6 Miles A Day
Related To The Smallest Component Of An Element
Arabic Title; Elder Of A Tribe
Easing Of Pain, Distress Or Worry
Lily-livered, Fearful
Clear Space Around Printed Words
Haley Joel __, Actor In The Sixth Sense And Sex Ed
Double-breasted Jacket Worn By Sailors
Between First And Third
Apple Makes The __, Ipad, And Mac Computers
Wooden Statue Of A Greek Deity
A Boat Carrying Passengers To A Larger Ship
Crowded Taiwanese Headquarters
Long Running Tv Series About A Collie
Demonophobia Is The Fear Of Evil __

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 36 Puzzle 4
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Sperm Whales
One Learns To Command Through It
Ancient Egypt History Is Divided Into 31 Of Them
This Profession Doesn’t Allow Anyone Over 6 Feet
Jamaican Speedster Gold In Rio, London And Beijing
Exacerbate: To Make A Medical __ Worse
Later Learners Or Bloomers
President’s Right To Say “no” To New Legislation
Aquatic Animal Considered The Largest On Earth
Most Common Flower; Also A Breakfast Drink
The Capital Of Palau
Corrosive Resistant Element Used In Biomedicine
Orson __, Known For The Sci-fi Series Ender’s Game

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 36 Puzzle 5
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Small Bone At The Bottom Of The Spine
Aura That Surrounds The Sun And Other Stars
native American Name For The Blackfish
Substitute “baby” For “jesus” In This Music Genre
Martin__, Translated The Bible To German
Devices Used To Stop A Car
Ten Years
Etch A __, Draw And Then Shake To Draw Again
Home To The Mayor Of Nyc, __ Mansion
The Order That Players Are Up To Bat In Baseball
Old Time Infantry Fire Arm