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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 1
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Saltwater Fish; Food Favorite
Strong Insult, Offense; Extreme Disgust
Predecessor To The Internet
Songs Written For Company Commercials
Too Deep In The Sea For Sunlight To Reach
Penelope Cruz, First __ Actress To Win An Oscar
What Pompous People’s Chests Are Like
__ Finch, A Gregory Peck’s Character
A Section Of A Book, Usually Medium In Length
Robin Hood Olympic Sport

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 2
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Four __ And A Funeral, A British Comedy
Between Ages 13 And 19
Plains Indian Tribe, Wyoming Capital
1st Cruise Ship To Sink In Antarctic Ocean (2007)
Leading Gmo Research Company
Dominican Dance With Sideways Walk
Jerusalem Artichoke
The __ Whale Is One Of The Largest Whale Species
Brain __ Is Considered Delicacy In Scandinavia
Intelligence __ Is Decided By Stanford Binet Scale
French Term For A Psychiatrist Or Psychologist
Four __, Messengers Of The Apocalypse
Island Nation Of Tiny People Depicted In A Book
Social Media Website Founded By Mark Zuckerberg
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa And Maggie
With Firm Determination

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 3
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Large And Bright Constellation Listed By Ptolemy
The Land Of The Philistines
Type Of Car Used To Go Fast; Used In Races
Ordained Minister, Member Of The Clergy
Ship On Which James Cook Sailed To Australia
Regular Profit Payments To Shareholders
Greek Goddess Of Love And Desire
Painted With Wax Colors Fixed With Heat
Looks Like A Person; Set Up To Frighten Birds

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 4
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Time __: Placing Items To Dig Up In The Future
Inept Boxing Player
Delete, Erase
One Cannot Make Fire __ Smoke
A High-ranking Military Member
Tumor Of The Nerve Tissue
Al __, Snl Legend Turned Minnesota Senator
Dante’s Hell With Nine Circles Of Suffering
Generous Actions Or Donations To The Needy
Voodoo Priest In Haiti
These Type Of Novels Are Full Of Pictures
They Used To Infest The Caribbean Seas
Tomb Of The __ Soldier
Respiratory Tract That Send Air To The Lungs
Ancient Solar Clock
Friendly, Agreeable; Usually In A Divorce
Plant That Grows In The Sea

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 37 Puzzle 5
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Baby Pig
Unlike Anything Else Out There
Grim __, Personification Of Death
__ And Her Sisters, A Film By Woody Allen
Sharp Taste Or Smell; Not Sweet Or Salty
Substance That Damages Organs And Causes Death
Blacque __ Shellacque Is A Looney Toon Villain
Gestures, Words And Objects Set By Tradition
Crustacean With Long Body And Tiny Legs
California Nickname, 2015 Nba State Warriors