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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 1
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Capital Of Pakistan
Also Known As Foodpipe Or Gullet
Top Catalan Soccer Site
1 In 4 __ Have Appeared On Television In Some Way
Can Be Verified By Observation Or Logic
Almost Certainly; Highly Probably
Big Seabird With The Largest Wingspans
Renaissance And Baroque Dance Type
Armed Ship Privately Owned; Hired To Fight
Jedi Played By Samuel L Jackson In Star Wars

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 2
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Something Related To The Sea Or Ships
Abhorred, Detested
Letter Pad On Computers; Can Be Found On A Piano
Crystalline Form Of Aluminium Oxide
Caliphate Founded In The Arabian Peninsula In 632
Raw Cabbage Mixed With Mayonnaise
Beta Means Testing A __ Product Before Release
Florida Hockey Team Founded In 1993
Military Flight Formation
Only This Woman Could Love Her Demonic Baby
Money Comes Easily From It
Ben __ Won An Oscar For Playing Gandhi
Masonic Group That Wear Fezzes And Runs Hospitals
Monstrous Reptile With Magical Powers
Irukandji Is A Tiny __ Jellyfish From Australia
Large Estate, Used For Farming Or Ranching

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 3
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The Most Famous Pokemon
American Nobel Prize Winning Economist
Golden __, Honey, Brown Sugar Breakfast Meal
__ Trench, Deepest Known Part Of The Ocean
Michael Phelps’ Occupation
Breed Of Cat Known For Its Size And Calm Attitude
Regarding Something With Esteem, Love, Honor
To Prorogue, Recess, Suspend
Large Scale Rotating Air Mass
The Usual Time When Someone Sleeps
Exaggerated Movement
Rapid, Brisk Tempo
Mental Disorder Of Two Halves
Gigantic Tentacular Monster Created By Lovecraft
__ Jones, Portrayed By Renee Zellwegger
Geometric Shape With Nine Sides

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 4
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__ Zone Of Sea Water, From 0 To 1200 Feet
Capital Of Paraguay
Spend The Summer In A Torpid State
“not The __ Tool In The Shed”
Intertwined Sticks Hold Up Marbles In This Game
Max __, False Identity Used To Deposit Stolen Gold
Lighthearted, Fun Social News Website
Yellow Fish Friend Of Ariel In Little Mermaid
Sir And One Of The Knights Of The Round Table
Series Of Games To Determine A Championship
A Patchwork Quilt Requires Them
Below Your Hair, Above Your Eyes
Free, Exaggerated And Highly Energetic Street Dance
Christmas Season House-to-house Singing
Hbo’s Mafia Series With Gandolfini
Word Seen Same When Upside Down, Like “swims”
Anagram Of Oriental
Metal Support For Injured Legs

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 38 Puzzle 5
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Public Auction
Existing Right Now; Physically Being There
Strike This Tool With Mallet To Shape Material
Homicidal Whale Aka Orca, Free Willy
Taiwanese-born Director Of Brokeback Mountain
Largest Andean, Colombian City
German, Three Striped Sports Brand
Miles O’brien On Star Trek: Tng, Colm __
The Smallest Ocean
Scrambled Egg Breakfast Medley
Cupid Loved Her Dearly