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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 1
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Winter Sport; Dogs, Horses Or A Motor Vehicle Pull
__ In The Night, Sinatra, 1967 Grammy Winner
Sick From Overeating Or Drinking, Hangover
Good __, Someone Who Helps Another Person
Unmarried Women
Wrote A Diary About The Time She Spent Hiding
Test That Interprets Thoughts On Strange Shapes
Device, Such As Clock Or Watch, For Measuring Time
Pachucos Invariably Wore These
A Wine Lover
Electrical Device For Household Use
__ Hall, Venue Where Miss America Is Crowned
Agnes __, Actress Of Bewitched
Head Of State Or __; The Leader Of Vatican City
Protects The Body Against Infectious Diseases
Human __, Department Aka As Human Capital
Won The Academy Awards For Best Movie In 2001
Gooey Easter Candy In The Shape Of A Legume

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 2
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Plan Or Outline To Be Done
Francesco __, Italian Baroque Painter
Gloria __, Sang About Surviving Before Beyonce
The Capital Of Oman
Young Man Who Died When Flying Towards The Sun
Stitch Used To Hold Tissue Together In The Body
Us Tennis Grand Slam Tournament
Informal Trousers For Men Or Women
Where The Devil Usually Is
Sassy Elderly “girls” Sitcom Starring Betty White
Misfortune, Reversal
Large Heavy Gun That Shoots Stone Balls
In India, Widow Once Burnt At Husband’s Pyre
Mollusc Whose Calcareous Plates Attach To Rocks
Outdoor Meal Often Eaten At Parks
2016 Wsop Champion, Qui __
Another Name For The Universe As A Whole

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 3
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First Host Of Beat The Clock, Bud __
Law Enforcement Officer; Leader Elected
Extended Mass Of Ice Covering A Large Area
One Who Actually Saw Something Happen
Castoff With Hagar In The Desert
Base Of An Argument Or Theory
A Large Vessel Used To Carry Warriors
__ Kerr, Star Of The King And I
Sports Arena With Tiers Of Seats For Spectators
The Capital Of Cyprus
Also Known As Chinese Cabbage
Tended King David In Old Age
The Final Step To Becoming A Practicing Lawyer
Constellation Named After A Mythical Winged Horse
Type Of Romantic Love Originated From Geoffrey Chaucer
Ukrainian Stringed Lute-type Instrument
Cloth Used For Cleaning Furniture, Windows, Etc
Another Name For Starfish
Controversial Drug To Control Hyperactive Kids
They’re Usually In Distress

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 4
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Diana Ross And The __
World Wide Network Of Computers
Teacher, Professor
The State Or Quality Of Being Calm, Tranquil
Constant __ Wears Away The Stone
Synchronized __ Is An Underwater Dance Event
The Game Of Poker Requires This
Last Man __, Tim Allen’s Second Attempt Tv Series
It Literally Means The Green Of Earth
Related To The Father Of Psychoanalysis
Jennifer __, Actress Of The Hunger Games
This City, Not Rio, Is Brazil’s Capital
Anything To Do With A Mother, Grandmother
Faust’s Love
Woman Spirit That Shifts Into A Spider In Japan
Being Recommended To Another Type Of Doctor
Organ That Grows Throughout Pregnancy
Art Of Using Crayons For Fun
Miner Stampede To San Francisco In 1849

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 39 Puzzle 5
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Get Up From Lying Or Sitting; Move Forward
Princess __, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty
Cloud Of Dust And Elements In Space
Capital Of Czech Republic
Apple’s App, Online Music Store
Growth Of Abnormal Tissue
To Go To A Foreign Country
Pick Up __, Don’t Disturb In This Game
To Remember, Recollect; Bring Out Of Memory
Large Sea Duck Mostly Black
Sea __, Found All Over The World’s Oceans
A Paper Size
__ O’conor, Hairless, Irish Female Singer
Metal Made Of Copper And Tin; Bright Brown
Astrological Sign Represented By A Fish
Ancient Greek Name For Clear Upper Sky Area