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CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 1
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Points One Gets For Currying Favor
20,000 __ Under The Sea, A Jules Verne Novel
Fundamental Compound Of Nucleic Acids
Country Of Tintin, Poirot And The Smurfs
Pride In Belonging To A Select Group
Test Used To Ensure You Are Human And Not A Robot
Wrote The Libretto For Così Fan Tutte
Breast Bone; Bone In The Middle Of The Chest
Even, Moderately Slow Tempo
Man Someone Is Married To
Pain You Feel When Your Ear Hurts
Irish Basketball Team Of Larry Bird
Huge, Long Fish With A Compressed Body
The Meat Of A Deer
Related To The Shoreline
Having Marks Of An Earlier Period, Antique

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 2
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Uplifting, Illuminative
1024 Gigabytes Is Equal To 1 __
Villains In Another Brick In The Wall
When A Celestial Body Is Farthest From Its Focus
Stone Used By The Mayans To Enhance Their Weapons
Used For Injured Optical; Part Of Pirate Getup
1st Woman To Get The Pulitzer For Poetry, Sara __
Made To Be Broken, Just Like Piecrusts
A Plantation Of Grapes Aimed To Wine Production
The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Is Here
Satirical Comic About Hillbillies
Infernal Determination To Achieve Something
Benjamin Hornigold’s Pirate Ship
Summer Favorite Cooking Technique
Tchaikovsky’s Failed Ballet, Now Famous
A Basketball Player

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 3
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The Most Notable Inhabitant Of The Sherwood Forest
__ Missiles Have Predetermined Trajectories
__ Tentacles Lives Next To Spongebob
Home Of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Pert Little Ones
The __, 80s Movie About A Martial Art
Unduly Held As Faultless
In __, In Bad Condition Due To Neglect
A Private Eye Who Grew Orchids
Someone Who Studies The Past
Fashion Style, Baggy Clothes For Women
Eeg Brain Exam Aka __ Test
First Man On The Moon, Neil __
A Bathroom Sink

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 4
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Little Richard’s Favorite Flavor, Tutti __
Table __, Aka Ping Pong; An Olympic Sport
Character In Dicken’s A Tale Of Two Cities
Gaul Who Fell In A Cauldron Of Magic Potion
Where Dead Bodies Are Kept For Autopsy
Cut And Polished Precious Stones, Gems
Large Building In India
They Also Built Pyramids
Space __, Famous Seattle Landmark
Large Area Full Of Trees And Bushes
Roof Of The Mouth; Referred To In Wine Tasting
__ Burns, Smoking Comedian Lived To A 100
Small Dish To Hold A Cup Or Mug
Alexander __ Bell, Inventor Of The Telephone
Person Who Commits Illegal Actions At Sea
To Give Approval, Agreement, Consent
Memorial Said To Contain Relics Of Buddha
The Kitchen Of An Aircraft
A Smash Hit Duet By Santana And Rob Thomas
A Goal A Business Is Trying To Reach
Mp3 __, Digital Music Device, Ipod

CodyCross Under the Sea Group 40 Puzzle 5
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They Eat Just About Anything
Anti-__: Drugs To Help Control Blood Sugar
Idiomatic Expression Regarding Oceans
A Person Who Gives Information On Tv Or Radio
Formal Agreement To Stop Fighting
Marine, Transparent And With Stinging Tentacles
A Hit By The Beatles
Pain In The Hands And Feet Only
A Three-dimensional Work Of Art
Street Food Vehicle
Prehistoric Giants
Economic System Where Power Is In The Hands Of Few
A High-brow Word For Whiskers
Socialist Country Home To Massive Oil Reserves
Wrote One Of The Great American Novels
A Woody Allen Film Starring Diane Keaton
Leviathan Is A Monster From The Old __
Used In Everything From Toys To Remote Controls
Us University In Indiana, French Name
This Device Joins Two Pieces Of Metal Together
Armpit Perfume, Fights Body Odor
nasa Mission Sent To Photograph Mercury